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English English - Definition of neuroscientist 
n. scientist that studies the nervous system
Spanish English To Spanish - neuroscientist 
s. Científico que estudia el sistema nervioso
French English To French - neuroscientist 
n. scientifique qui étudie le système nerveux
German English To German - neuroscientist 
n. Neurowissensschaftler, Wissenschaftler der das Nervensystem erforscht
Italian English To Italian - neuroscientist 
s. neurologo, neuroscienziato, studioso del sistema nervoso
Portuguese English To Portuguese - neuroscientist 
s. neurocientista, estudioso do sistema nervoso
Russian English To Russian - neuroscientist 
Dutch English To Dutch - neuroscientist 
zn. wetenschapper die zenuwstelsel onderzoekt
Japanese English To Japanese - neuroscientist 
(名) 神経システムの研究者


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