Definition of nictation Pronunciation
1. An act or instance of winking or blinking; a wink, a blink
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English - English - nictation Pronunciation
n. hinting; winking; blinking
English - Spanish - nictation Pronunciation
s. guiñada de ojo
English - French - nictation Pronunciation
n. clignement, clignotement; insinuation, allusion
English - German - nictation Pronunciation
n. Blinzeln; Andeutung
English - Italian - nictation Pronunciation
s. ammiccamento; strizzatina d'occhio
English - Portuguese - nictation Pronunciation
s. alusão; piscadela
English - Russian - nictation Pronunciation
с. мигание
English - Dutch - nictation Pronunciation
zn. knipogen; wenken
English - Chinese - nictation Pronunciation
(名) 眨眼睛; 瞬目
English - Chinese - nictation Pronunciation
(名) 眨眼睛; 瞬目
English - Japanese - nictation Pronunciation
(名) 瞬き

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