Definition of nonacademic Pronunciation
1. Not academic; not related to academia.
2. One who is not an academic.
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English - English - nonacademic Pronunciation
n. one who is not an academic; that which is not academic
adj. not academic
English - Spanish - nonacademic Pronunciation
adj. no académico
English - French - nonacademic Pronunciation
adj. non-académique
English - German - nonacademic Pronunciation
n. Nicht-Akademiker
adj. nicht-akademisch
English - Italian - nonacademic Pronunciation
agg. non accademico
English - Portuguese - nonacademic Pronunciation
adj. não acadêmico
English - Russian - nonacademic Pronunciation
с. не академический
English - Greek - nonacademic Pronunciation
(Lex**) μη ακαδημαϊκός
English - Japanese - nonacademic Pronunciation
(形) 学校でない
(名) 大学生でない人
English - Korean - nonacademic Pronunciation
명. 학술적이지 않은 사람; 학술적이지 않은 것
형. 학술적이지 않은

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