Definition of noncitizen Pronunciation
1. Someone who is not a citizen of the country in question
It can be very difficult to hire a noncitizen.
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English - English - noncitizen Pronunciation
n. one who is not a citizen; illegal alien
English - Spanish - noncitizen Pronunciation
s. No ciudadano, no nacional de-
English - French - noncitizen Pronunciation
n. qui n'est pas citoyen de
English - German - noncitizen Pronunciation
n. Nichtbürger
English - Italian - noncitizen Pronunciation
s. noncittadino
English - Portuguese - noncitizen Pronunciation
s. indivíduo que não é cidadão
English - Dutch - noncitizen Pronunciation
zn. geen staatsburger
English - Japanese - noncitizen Pronunciation
(名) 非市民

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