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English English - Definition of noodle 
n. piece of pasta; stupid person; head (Slang)
Spanish English To Spanish - noodle 
s. fideo, tallarín
French English To French - noodle 
n. nouille, idiot; tête (argot)
German English To German - noodle 
n. Nudel; Dummer (Slang)
Italian English To Italian - noodle 
s. (sl) testa, (fam) capoccia, (scherz) zucca; sciocco, sempliciotto
Portuguese English To Portuguese - noodle 
s. bobo, simplório; cabeça (gíria)
Russian English To Russian - noodle 
г. лапша
с. дурень, олух, простак, балда; башка, голова [сл.]
Turkish English To Turkish - noodle 
i. erişte, şehriye, budala, kafa, saksı
Albanian English To Albanian - noodle 
n. hajvan, budalla, leshko, kokë
adj. lehtë: i lehtë nga mendja, teveqel
Dutch English To Dutch - noodle 
zn. vermicelli, mie, sul, uilskuiken, lomperd, meelbal, knoedel
Greek English To Greek - noodle 
ουσ. μανέστρα, φιδές, κεφαλή, βλάκας
ChineseS English To ChineseS - noodle 
(名) 面条#傻瓜; 脑袋
ChineseT English To ChineseT - noodle 
(名) 麵條#傻瓜; 腦袋
Japanese English To Japanese - noodle 
(名) ヌードル; ばか; 頭
(動) 麺, 麪類, 麺類, 饂飩
Korean English To Korean - noodle 
동. 면류
명. 국수; 바보; 머리 (속어)
noun: a ribbonlike strip of pasta
noun: informal terms for a human head


Tenses for noodle
Present participle: noodling
Present: noodle (3.person: noodles)
Past: noodled
Future: will noodle
Present conditional: would noodle
Present Perfect: have noodled (3.person: has noodled)
Past Perfect: had noodled
Future Perfect: will have noodled
Past conditional: would have noodled

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