Definition of noodle Pronunciation
1. A string or strip of pasta.
She slurped a long noodle up out of her soup.
2. A person with poor judgement; a fool.
3. The brain, the head.
4. A pool noodle.
5. To think or ponder.
He noodled over the problem for a day or two before making a decision.
"Noodle that thought around for a while" said Dr. Johnson to his Biblical Interpretations class
6. To fiddle, play with, or mess around.
If the machine is really broken, noodling with the knobs is not going to fix it.
7. To improvise music.
He has been noodling with that trumpet all afternoon, and every bit of it sounds awful.
8. To fish (usually for very large catfish) without any equipment other than the fisherman's own body
Fred had several lacerations on his hands from noodling for flathead in the river.
9. To fossick, especially for opals.
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English - English - noodle Pronunciation
n. piece of pasta; stupid person; head (Slang)
English - Spanish - noodle Pronunciation
s. fideo, tallarín
English - French - noodle Pronunciation
n. nouille, idiot; tête (argot)
English - German - noodle Pronunciation
n. Nudel; Dummer (Slang)
English - Indonesian - noodle Pronunciation
n. kepala, mi, bakmi, bami
English - Italian - noodle Pronunciation
s. (sl) testa, (fam) capoccia, (scherz) zucca; sciocco, sempliciotto
English - Polish - noodle Pronunciation
n. głuptas, prostaczek, fafuła, makaron, kluski
English - Portuguese - noodle Pronunciation
s. bobo, simplório; cabeça (gíria)
English - Romanian - noodle Pronunciation
n. prost, prostănac, tont
English - Russian - noodle Pronunciation
г. лапша
с. дурень, олух, простак, балда; башка, голова [сл.]
English - Turkish - noodle Pronunciation
i. erişte, şehriye, budala, kafa, saksı
English - Ukrainian - noodle Pronunciation
n. мелодія: позивна мелодія
English - Dutch - noodle Pronunciation
zn. vermicelli, mie, sul, uilskuiken, lomperd, meelbal, knoedel
English - Greek - noodle Pronunciation
ουσ. μανέστρα, φιδές, κεφαλή, βλάκας
English - Arabic - noodle Pronunciation
‏نوع من المعكرونة، إنسان رخو
English - Chinese - noodle Pronunciation
(名) 面条#傻瓜; 脑袋
English - Chinese - noodle Pronunciation
(名) 麵條#傻瓜; 腦袋
English - Hindi - noodle Pronunciation
n. मूर्ख, भोला-भाला, भोला आदमी, सिर
English - Japanese - noodle Pronunciation
(名) ヌードル; ばか; 頭
(動) 麺, 麪類, 麺類, 饂飩
English - Korean - noodle Pronunciation
동. 면류
명. 국수; 바보; 머리 (속어)
English - Vietnamese - noodle Pronunciation
n. người đần độn, người ngu ngốc, người khờ dại, người ngớ ngẫn, bún, mì

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Verb forms for noodle
Present participle: noodling
Present: noodle (3.person: noodles)
Past: noodled
Future: will noodle
Present conditional: would noodle
Present Perfect: have noodled (3.person: has noodled)
Past Perfect: had noodled
Future Perfect: will have noodled
Past conditional: would have noodled