Definition of notice Pronunciation
1. A request for payment.
The notification stated the grace period and the penalties for defaulting.
2. Advance notification (usually written) of the intention to withdraw from an arrangement of contract.
We received a notice to vacate the premises.
He gave notice two months before he moved.
3. A short critical review.
The play received good notices.
4. An announcement containing information about an event.
You didn't give me enough notice.
An obituary notice.
A notice of sal.
5. A sign posted in a public place as an advertisement.
A poster advertised the coming attractions.
6. The act of noticing or paying attention.
He escaped the notice of the police.
7. Polite or favorable attention.
His hard work soon attracted the teacher's notice.
8. Notice or perceive.
She noted that someone was following her.
Mark my words.
9. Discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of.
She detected high levels of lead in her drinking water.
We found traces of lead in the paint.
10. Express recognition of the presence or existence of, or acquaintance with.
He never acknowledges his colleagues when they run into him in the hallway.
She acknowledged his complement with a smile.
It is important to acknowledge the work of others in one's own writing.
11. Make or write a comment on.
He commented the paper of his colleague.
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English - English - notice Pronunciation
n. announcement; poster, sign; notification (often of termination of employment or a living situation); warning; attention, consideration
v. discern, perceive; pay attention; observe, remark
n. notice, announcement
English - Spanish - notice Pronunciation
s. aviso, información, noticia, notificación; anuncio, esquela, letrero, marbete
v. advertir, apercibir, echar de ver, fijarse, fijarse en, notar, observar, percatarse, reparar en
English - French - notice Pronunciation
n. avis; notification; attention; avertissement
v. remarquer, observer, noter
English - German - notice Pronunciation
n. Nachricht; Notiz; Aufmerksamkeit
v. beachten; feststellen
English - Italian - notice Pronunciation
s. avviso, annuncio, comunicazione; preavviso, preannuncio, avvertimento; inserzione; manifesto, cartellone; disdetta; licenziamento; attenzione, considerazione; critica, giudizio; recensione
v. notare, osservare, accorgersi; vedere; prestare attenzione a; interessarsi di, avere attenzioni per; far notare, far rilevare; recensire
English - Portuguese - notice Pronunciation
s. notícia, aviso; alerta, advertência; atenção
v. olhar, reparar, observar
English - Russian - notice Pronunciation
с. извещение, предупреждение, уведомление, объявление, наблюдение, внимание, заметка, сообщение, обозрение, анонс, рецензия, афиша
г. замечать, обращать внимание, предупреждать, уведомлять, упоминать, отмечать, усматривать, усмотреть, давать обзор, рецензировать
English - Turkish - notice Pronunciation
f. farkına varmak, farketmek, dikkat etmek, önemsemek, eleştirmek (kitap vb.), duyurmak, bildirmek
i. dikkat, bilgi, genelge, farketme, ihbarname, ihtar, uyarı, ikaz, ilan, bildiri, ihbar, duyuru, mühlet, süre (tanınan)
French - English - notice Pronunciation
(f) n. notice, announcement
English - Dutch - notice Pronunciation
zn. aanmelding, bericht, verwittiging, notitie, kennisgeving, aankondiging, aanmerking, waarschuwing, aandacht, opmerkzaamheid, oplettendheid, ho onhm i nn
English - Greek - notice Pronunciation
ουσ. αναγγελία, ανακοίνωση, ειδοποίηση, κριτικό σημείωμα, παραγγελία, είδηση, προσοχή
ρήμ. προσέχω, παρατηρώ
French - German - notice Pronunciation
n. beschreibung, beiblatt, merkblatt
French - Russian - notice Pronunciation
n. заметка (f), записка (f), инструкция (f), записка пояснительная (f)
French - Turkish - notice Pronunciation
[la] kısa tanıtma yazısı, önsöz; özet
English - Chinese - notice Pronunciation
(名) 注意, 通知, 布告
(动) 注意, 评论, 通知
English - Chinese - notice Pronunciation
(名) 注意, 通知, 布告
(動) 注意, 評論, 通知
English - Japanese - notice Pronunciation
(名) 注意; 話題性; 通知; 契約解除の予告; 通告
(動) 気がつく; 注意する, 気にとめる; 紹介する
English - Korean - notice Pronunciation
명. 통지; 알림; 고지, 정식 통보 ( 해고 등의); 경고; 주의
동. ...을 알아차리다; 주의를 기울이다; 관찰하다, 주목하다

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Dictionary Extension
Verb forms for notice
Present participle: noticing
Present: notice (3.person: notices)
Past: noticed
Future: will notice
Present conditional: would notice
Present Perfect: have noticed (3.person: has noticed)
Past Perfect: had noticed
Future Perfect: will have noticed
Past conditional: would have noticed