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English English - Definition of object 
n. article, thing; goal; objective; focus of a thought or action; (Grammar) recipient of action; (Computers) image or part of a document that can be embedded within another document; (in OOP) self-contained unit of data with its own built-in procedures
v. oppose; protest; expostulate
n. object, article, thing; objective, aim, purpose, goal
Spanish English To Spanish - object 
s. objeto, cosa, cuerpo; propósito; (inform.) documento o foto sobre la cual se puede emplastar otro documento
v. objetar, hacer objeciones, oponerse, protestar, rebatir
French English To French - object 
n. objet (chose); but, objectif, fin; sujet; (grammaire) complément d'objet; (informatique) unité (comprenant informations et procédés) indépendante exécutable par toute application
v. objecter, protester
German English To German - object 
n. Gegenstand; Ziel ; Objekt (Grammatik); Ding; (Computer) Abbild oder Teil eines Dokumentes das in ein anderes Dokument eingebettet werden kann
v. dagegen sein
Italian English To Italian - object 
s. oggetto, cosa; obiettivo, fine, scopo, intento; (informatica) documento o immagine inseribile in un altro documento; (nella programmazione orientata ad oggetto) unità autonoma di dati fornita di caratteristiche proprie
v. opporsi, avere da obiettare; essere contrario, non garbare, non andare a genio; sollevare un'eccezione
Portuguese English To Portuguese - object 
s. objeto, coisa, matéria; assunto, objetivo, finalidade; aquele que recebe a ação (Gram.); imagem ou parte de um documento que pode ser incorporado em outro (Comp.); (em programação baseada em objetos) uma variável que contém rotinas e dados e é tratada como uma unidade separada (Comp.)
v. objetar, impedir, opor-se, imputar; aduzir
Russian English To Russian - object 
с. несуразный человек, вещь, предмет, дополнение, нелепая вещь, объект, цель
г. возражать, не любить, возразить, не одобрять, протестовать, не переносить
Turkish English To Turkish - object 
f. itiraz etmek, karşı çıkmak, razı olmamak, itirazı olmak
i. obje, nesne, cisim, gaye, şey, amaç, hedef, cins adam
English Dutch To English - object 
n. object, article, thing; objective, aim, purpose, goal
Albanian English To Albanian - object 
n. gjë, kundrinë [gram.], send, objekt, qëllim, synim
v. kundërshtoj, kundër: dal kundër, protestoj, duroj: nuk duroj, pëlqej: nuk më pëlqen
adj. absurd, pazakonshëm: i pazakonshëm, çuditur: i çuditur
Dutch English To Dutch - object 
ww. tegenspreken, tegenwerpen, tegenwerping : tegenwerpingen maken, bezwaar maken, bezwaar hebben tegen, tegen : op iets tegen hebben
Greek English To Greek - object 
ουσ. αντικείμενο, πράγμα, σκοπός
ρήμ. αντιλέγω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - object 
(名) 物体; 宾语; 目标
(动) 反对, 抗议, 拒绝; 提出...来反对
ChineseT English To ChineseT - object 
(名) 物體; 受詞; 目標
(動) 反對, 抗議, 拒絕; 提出...來反對
Japanese English To Japanese - object 
(名) 物; 事柄; 目標; 目的(文法); (コンピュータ)別の文書に挿入する画像や文書の一部; (オブジェクト指向のプログラムにおいて)ソフトウェアによって作動され得る手順のあるデータの完全なユニット
(動) 反対する; 対立する
Korean English To Korean - object 
명. 사물; 목적; 연구대상, 객체; 문법의 목적어; 컴퓨터에서 다른 서류안에 끼워 넣어지는 서류의 일부
동. 반대하다; 이의를 제기하다
noun: a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow Example:It was full of rackets, balls and other objects.
noun: the focus of cognitions or feelings Example:Objects of thought.
noun: (grammar) a constituent that is acted upon Example:The object of the verb.
noun: the goal intended to be attained (and which is believed to be attainable) Example:The sole object of her trip was to see her children.
verb: be averse to or express disapproval of Example:My wife objects to modern fu


 Synonyms for object
1. objective: mission, aim, wish, destination, end, goal, target
2. thing: commodity, fact, article, matter, manifestation, something
3. intention: motivation, base, basis, intent, motive, purpose, reason
4. recipient: target, victim, receiver
5. protest: demur, take exception, except, remonstrate, disapprove, dispute
Tenses for object
Present participle: objecting
Present: object (3.person: objects)
Past: objected
Future: will object
Present conditional: would object
Present Perfect: have objected (3.person: has objected)
Past Perfect: had objected
Future Perfect: will have objected
Past conditional: would have objected

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