Definition of object Pronunciation
1. A thing that has physical existence.
2. The goal, end or purpose of something.
3. The noun phrase which is an internal complement of a verb phrase or a prepositional phrase. In a verb phrase with a transitive action verb, it is typically the receiver of the action.
4. A person or thing toward which an emotion is directed.
Mary Jane had been the object of Peter's affection for years.
The convertible, once object of his desire, was now the object of his hatred.
5. In object-oriented programming, an instantiation of a class or structure.
6. An element within a category upon which functions operate. Thus, a category consists of a set of element objects and the functions that operate on them.
7. Sight; show; appearance; aspect.
8. To disagree with something or someone; especially in a Court of Law, to raise an objection.
I object to the proposal to build a new airport terminal.
9. To offer in opposition as a criminal charge or by way of accusation or reproach; to adduce as an objection or adverse reason.
10. To set before or against; to bring into opposition; to oppose.
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English - English - object Pronunciation
n. article, thing; goal; objective; focus of a thought or action; (Grammar) recipient of action; (Computers) image or part of a document that can be embedded within another document; (in OOP) self-contained unit of data with its own built-in procedures
v. oppose; protest; expostulate
n. object, article, thing; objective, aim, purpose, goal
English - Spanish - object Pronunciation
s. objeto, cosa, cuerpo; propósito; (inform.) documento o foto sobre la cual se puede emplastar otro documento
v. objetar, hacer objeciones, oponerse, protestar, rebatir
English - French - object Pronunciation
n. objet (chose); but, objectif, fin; sujet; (grammaire) complément d'objet; (informatique) unité (comprenant informations et procédés) indépendante exécutable par toute application
v. objecter, protester
English - German - object Pronunciation
n. Gegenstand; Ziel ; Objekt (Grammatik); Ding; (Computer) Abbild oder Teil eines Dokumentes das in ein anderes Dokument eingebettet werden kann
v. dagegen sein
English - Indonesian - object Pronunciation
n. benda, obyek, barang, wujud, bahan, sasaran, tujuan, maksud, pelengkap
v. setuju: tdk setuju, menolak, berkeberatan, suka: tdk suka
English - Italian - object Pronunciation
s. oggetto, cosa; obiettivo, fine, scopo, intento; (informatica) documento o immagine inseribile in un altro documento; (nella programmazione orientata ad oggetto) unità autonoma di dati fornita di caratteristiche proprie
v. opporsi, avere da obiettare; essere contrario, non garbare, non andare a genio; sollevare un'eccezione
English - Polish - object Pronunciation
v. przytaczać, sprzeciwiać się, protestować, zgodzić się: nie zgadzać się z czymś, przytoczyć, sprzeciwić się
n. przedmiot, obiekt, rzecz, idea, cel, artykuł, dopełnienie {gram.}
English - Portuguese - object Pronunciation
s. objeto, coisa, matéria; assunto, objetivo, finalidade; aquele que recebe a ação (Gram.); imagem ou parte de um documento que pode ser incorporado em outro (Comp.); (em programação baseada em objetos) uma variável que contém rotinas e dados e é tratada como uma unidade separada (Comp.)
v. objetar, impedir, opor-se, imputar; aduzir
English - Romanian - object Pronunciation
v. obiecta, protesta, împotrivi: se împotrivi
n. obiect, lucru, preocupare, ţintă, ţel, scop, obiectiv, complement, lucru care contează, obstacol
English - Russian - object Pronunciation
с. несуразный человек, вещь, предмет, дополнение, нелепая вещь, объект, цель
г. возражать, не любить, возразить, не одобрять, протестовать, не переносить
English - Turkish - object Pronunciation
f. itiraz etmek, karşı çıkmak, razı olmamak, itirazı olmak
i. obje, nesne, cisim, gaye, şey, amaç, hedef, cins adam
English - Ukrainian - object Pronunciation
n. предмет, річ, об'єкт, мета, додаток, недоладний: недоладна людина, безглуздий: безглузда річ
v. заперечувати, протестувати, висловлювати несхвалення, противитися, любити: не любити, схвалювати: не схвалювати, зносити: не зносити
Dutch - English - object Pronunciation
n. object, article, thing; objective, aim, purpose, goal
English - Dutch - object Pronunciation
ww. tegenspreken, tegenwerpen, tegenwerping : tegenwerpingen maken, bezwaar maken, bezwaar hebben tegen, tegen : op iets tegen hebben
English - Greek - object Pronunciation
ουσ. αντικείμενο, πράγμα, σκοπός
ρήμ. αντιλέγω
English - Arabic - object Pronunciation
‏شىء، هدف، غاية، قصد، مفعول به، موضع، دافع، المجرور، موضوع، ذات‏
‏إعترض، إحتج، عارض، رفض الموافقة على‏
English - Chinese - object Pronunciation
(名) 物体; 宾语; 目标
(动) 反对, 抗议, 拒绝; 提出...来反对
English - Chinese - object Pronunciation
(名) 物體; 受詞; 目標
(動) 反對, 抗議, 拒絕; 提出...來反對
English - Hindi - object Pronunciation
n. चीज़, वस्तु, पदार्थ, विषय, मज़मून, मुद्दा, प्रयोजन, लक्ष्य, उद्देश्य, मुराद, तात्पथ्र्य, कर्म
v. एतराज़ करना, आपत्ति करना, कड़ा जवाब देना, कड़ा उत्तर देना, प्रत्युत्तर देना, न सहना, प्यार न करना
English - Japanese - object Pronunciation
(名) 物; 事柄; 目標; 目的(文法); (コンピュータ)別の文書に挿入する画像や文書の一部; (オブジェクト指向のプログラムにおいて)ソフトウェアによって作動され得る手順のあるデータの完全なユニット
(動) 反対する; 対立する
English - Korean - object Pronunciation
명. 사물; 목적; 연구대상, 객체; 문법의 목적어; 컴퓨터에서 다른 서류안에 끼워 넣어지는 서류의 일부
동. 반대하다; 이의를 제기하다
English - Vietnamese - object Pronunciation
n. vật, đồ, vật thể, vật hừu tình, người đáng thương hại, người có vẻ buồn cười, mục đích, mục tiêu, cứu cánh

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Verb forms for object
Present participle: objecting
Present: object (3.person: objects)
Past: objected
Future: will object
Present conditional: would object
Present Perfect: have objected (3.person: has objected)
Past Perfect: had objected
Future Perfect: will have objected
Past conditional: would have objected