Definition of obligation Pronunciation
1. The act of binding oneself by a social, legal, or moral tie to someone.
2. A social, legal, or moral requirement, duty, contract, or promise that compels someone to follow or avoid a particular course of action.
3. A course of action imposed by society, law, or conscience by which someone is bound or restricted.
4. A legal agreement stipulating a specified payment or action; the document containing such agreement.
X shall be entitled to subcontract its obligation to provide the Support Services. <>
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English - English - obligation Pronunciation
n. duty responsibility; indebtedness; agreement
n. obligation, duty responsibility; indebtedness, bond, certificate of debt
English - Spanish - obligation Pronunciation
s. obligación, compromiso, deber; adeudamiento
English - French - obligation Pronunciation
n. obligation; engagement
English - German - obligation Pronunciation
n. Pflicht; Obligation
English - Indonesian - obligation Pronunciation
n. wajib, kewajiban, kemestian
English - Italian - obligation Pronunciation
s. obbligo, vincolo, obbligazione; impegno, dovere; debito di riconoscenza
English - Polish - obligation Pronunciation
n. obowiązek, zobowiązanie, dług, przymus, powinność
English - Portuguese - obligation Pronunciation
s. obrigação; comprometimento
English - Romanian - obligation Pronunciation
n. obligaţie, îndatorire, datorie, sarcină
English - Russian - obligation Pronunciation
с. обязанность, долг, чувство долга, обязательство, обязательность, чувство признательности, принудительная сила
English - Turkish - obligation Pronunciation
i. minnet, zorunluluk, yükümlülük, borç, mecburiyet, minnet borcu, ödev, senet
English - Ukrainian - obligation Pronunciation
n. зобов'язання, обов'язок, повинність, обов'язковість, сила: примусова сила, розписка: боргова розписка, облігація, забов'язання
French - English - obligation Pronunciation
(f) n. obligation, duty; trust, bond, engagement, commitment
German - English - obligation Pronunciation
n. duty responsibility; indebtedness; agreement
English - Dutch - obligation Pronunciation
zn. verplichting, verbintenis, plicht, obligatie, schuldbekentenis, contract
English - Greek - obligation Pronunciation
ουσ. υποχρέωση
French - Spanish - obligation Pronunciation
1. (bourse) valores (mp) 2. (tâche) obligación (f)
3. (responsabilité) responsabilidad (f); carga (f) 4. (activité) encargo (m); cometido (m); tarea (f); deber (m)
5. (finance) bono (m); obligación (f)
German - Spanish - obligation Pronunciation
n. obligación (f)
French - German - obligation Pronunciation
n. verpflichtung, obliegenheit, bindung, schuldverschreibung, obligation, pflicht, muss, verbindlichkeit: verbindlichkeiten
French - Italian - obligation Pronunciation
1. (bourse) obbligazione (f); titolo (m) 2. (tâche) obbligo (m)
3. (responsabilité) onere (literature) 4. (activité) compito (m); incarico (m); dovere (m); obbligo (m)
5. (finance) obbligazione (f)
French - Portuguese - obligation Pronunciation
1. (bourse) ações (fp); títulos (mp); valores (mp) 2. (tâche) obrigação (f); dever (m)
3. (responsabilité) ônus (m); responsabilidade (f) 4. (activité) encargo (m); tarefa (f); trabalho (m); dever (m); obrigação (f)
5. (finance) obrigação (f); debênture (m)
French - Russian - obligation Pronunciation
n. долговой: долговое обязательство (f)
French - Turkish - obligation Pronunciation
[la] ödev, boyun borcu, yüküm, mecburiyet; gönül borcu, minnettarlık; tahvil kâğıdı
German - French - obligation Pronunciation
n. obligation (f)
German - Italian - obligation Pronunciation
n. obbligazione (f)
German - Russian - obligation Pronunciation
n. облигация (f), обязательство (f)
German - Turkish - obligation Pronunciation
i. borç (f), yüklenme (f)
French - Dutch - obligation Pronunciation
1. (bourse) obligatie (f); obligatiecertificaat (n) 2. (tâche) verplichting (f)
3. (responsabilité) plicht (m/f) 4. (activité) taak (m/f); opdracht (m/f); plicht (m/f)
5. (finance) obligatie (f); schuldbrief (m)
German - Dutch - obligation Pronunciation
English - Arabic - obligation Pronunciation
‏واجب، تعهد، التزام، فريضة، المديونية، سند‏
English - Chinese - obligation Pronunciation
(名) 义务, 债务, 职责
English - Chinese - obligation Pronunciation
(名) 義務, 債務, 職責
English - Hindi - obligation Pronunciation
n. वादा, प्रतिज्ञा, सट्टा, इक़रारनामा, प्रतिज्ञापत्र, कर्तव्य, फ़र्ज़, डयूटी, काम, कार्य, आभार, इनायत
English - Japanese - obligation Pronunciation
(名) 義務; 恩義; 義理
English - Korean - obligation Pronunciation
명. 의무; 채무; 계약서
English - Vietnamese - obligation Pronunciation
n. bổn phận, nghĩa vụ, nhiệm vụ, trái vụ
German - Chinese - obligation Pronunciation
[die] pl.Obligationen 职责。义务。责任。负债。债务。债券。

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Synonyms for obligation
1. contract: agreement, bond, covenant, stipulation
2. responsibility: liability, accountableness, conscience, charge, dues, duty, burden