n. that which is obscure; anonymity; unclearness; dimness, darkness
English - Spanish - obscurity Pronunciation
s. oscuridad, obscuridad, tenebrosidad; ambigüedad; anonimato
English - French - obscurity Pronunciation
n. obscurité; manque de lumière; ténèbres
English - German - obscurity Pronunciation
n. Unbekanntheit; im Dunkeln liegen, in Vergessenheit
English - Italian - obscurity Pronunciation
s. oscurità, incomprensibilità; ombra
English - Portuguese - obscurity Pronunciation
s. obscuridade; anonimidade; escuridão
English - Russian - obscurity Pronunciation
с. тьма, безвестность, неясность, мрак, неизвестность, незаметность
English - Turkish - obscurity Pronunciation
i. karanlık, anlaşılmazlık, bilinmezlik, loşluk, gizlilik
English - Albanian - obscurity Pronunciation
n. errësirë, terr, paqartësi, mungesë qartësisë
English - Dutch - obscurity Pronunciation
zn. duisternis, donkerte, duisterheid, donkerheid
English - Greek - obscurity Pronunciation
ουσ. σκότος, σκοτεινότης, σκοτεινότητα, αφάνεια, σκοτάδι
English - Chinese - obscurity Pronunciation
(名) 阴暗; 偏僻; 朦胧
English - Chinese - obscurity Pronunciation
(名) 陰暗; 偏僻; 朦朧
English - Japanese - obscurity Pronunciation
(名) 不分明; 不明箇所; 微賎; 無名の人
English - Korean - obscurity Pronunciation
명. 불분명; 이름이 밝혀지지 않음; 불투명함; 어두움
noun: the state of being indistinct or indefinite for lack of adequate illumination
noun: an obscure and unimportant standing; not well known Example:He worked in obscurity for many years.
noun: the quality of being unclear or abstruse and hard to understand
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Synonyms for obscurity
haze: cloud, dimness, vagueness