Definition of obscurity Pronunciation
1. The quality of being unclear or abstruse and hard to understand.
2. The state of being indistinct or indefinite for lack of adequate illumination.
3. An obscure and unimportant standing; not well known.
He worked in obscurity for many years.
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English - English - obscurity Pronunciation
n. that which is obscure; anonymity; unclearness; dimness, darkness
English - Spanish - obscurity Pronunciation
s. oscuridad, obscuridad, tenebrosidad; ambigüedad; anonimato
English - French - obscurity Pronunciation
n. obscurité; manque de lumière; ténèbres
English - German - obscurity Pronunciation
n. Unbekanntheit; im Dunkeln liegen, in Vergessenheit
English - Italian - obscurity Pronunciation
s. oscurità, incomprensibilità; ombra
English - Portuguese - obscurity Pronunciation
s. obscuridade; anonimidade; escuridão
English - Russian - obscurity Pronunciation
с. тьма, безвестность, неясность, мрак, неизвестность, незаметность
English - Turkish - obscurity Pronunciation
i. karanlık, anlaşılmazlık, bilinmezlik, loşluk, gizlilik
English - Dutch - obscurity Pronunciation
zn. duisternis, donkerte, duisterheid, donkerheid
English - Greek - obscurity Pronunciation
ουσ. σκότος, σκοτεινότης, σκοτεινότητα, αφάνεια, σκοτάδι
English - Chinese - obscurity Pronunciation
(名) 阴暗; 偏僻; 朦胧
English - Chinese - obscurity Pronunciation
(名) 陰暗; 偏僻; 朦朧
English - Japanese - obscurity Pronunciation
(名) 不分明; 不明箇所; 微賎; 無名の人
English - Korean - obscurity Pronunciation
명. 불분명; 이름이 밝혀지지 않음; 불투명함; 어두움

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Synonyms for obscurity
haze: cloud, dimness, vagueness