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English English - Definition of observant 
adj. paying attention; watching; noticing; keeping religious laws; meticulous
v. observe, watch; examen; notice, comment, remark; adhere, keep, respect, obey
n. observant, paying attention; watching; noticing; keeping religious laws; meticulous
Spanish English To Spanish - observant 
adj. observador, atento, cuidadoso, detallista, observante
French English To French - observant 
adj. observateur; attentif; observant; gardien de devoirs religieux; strict
German English To German - observant 
adj. beobachtend; achtsam; aufmerksam; pedant
Italian English To Italian - observant 
agg. dotato di spirito d'osservazione, pronto, sveglio; attento; osservante, rispettoso
Portuguese English To Portuguese - observant 
adj. observante; vigilante; obediente; submisso; acatador
Russian English To Russian - observant 
прил. исполняющий, соблюдающий религиозный ритуал; исполнительный, наблюдательный
Turkish English To Turkish - observant 
s. uyan, riayet eden, itaatkâr, bağlı, dikkat eden
English Dutch To English - observant 
n. observant, paying attention; watching; noticing; keeping religious laws; meticulous
Albanian English To Albanian - observant 
adj. vëmendshëm: i vëmendshëm, vëzhgues, kujdesshëm: i kujdesshëm
Dutch English To Dutch - observant 
bn. oplettend, opmerkzaam, nalevend, streng, orthodox
zn. observant
Greek English To Greek - observant 
επίθ. παρατηρητικός, τηρών, φυλάσσων
ChineseS English To ChineseS - observant 
(形) 深切注意的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - observant 
(形) 深切注意的
Japanese English To Japanese - observant 
(形) 気がつく; 守る, 遵守する, 厳守する; 注目する
Korean English To Korean - observant 
형. 주의깊은; 관찰하는; 준수하는; 세심한
adjective: quick to notice; showing quick and keen perception
adjective: paying close attention especially to details
adjective: (of individuals) adhering strictly to laws and rules and customs Example:Observant of the speed limit.


 Synonyms for observant
1. alert: keen, perceptive, penetrating, quick, discerning, sharp, discovering
2. attentive: wide awake, aware, regardful, heedful, mindful, awake
3. obedient: careful,
4. eager: interested, alive
5. circumspect: searching, questioning, surveying, contemplating, considering

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