Definition of occasion Pronunciation
1. A favorable opportunity; a convenient or timely chance.
2. The time when something happens.
At this point, she seized the occasion to make her own observation.
3. An occurrence or state of affairs which causes some event or reaction; a motive or reason.
I had no occasion to feel offended, however.
4. Something which causes something else; a cause.
5. An occurrence or incident.
6. A particular happening; an instance or time when something occurred.
I could think of two separate occasions when she had deliberately lied to me.
7. Need; requirement, necessity.
I have no occasion for firearms.
8. A special event or function.
Having people round for dinner was always quite an occasion at our house.
9. A reason or excuse; a motive; a persuasion.
10. To give occasion to; to cause; to produce; to induce; as, to occasion anxiety.
It is seen that the mental changes are occasioned by a change of polarity
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English - English - occasion Pronunciation
n. opportunity; occurrence, event; incident; reason, cause, justification; need for something; necessity to do something
v. make occasion for; cause, incite; bring to pass
n. occasion, opportunity; occurrence, event, incident
English - Spanish - occasion Pronunciation
s. ocasión, acontecimiento, coyuntura
v. ocasionar, ameritar, dar lugar a, irrogar, necesitar
English - French - occasion Pronunciation
n. occasion; motif; cas; sujet; cause, raison, opportunité; justification, événement, occurence
v. occasionner; provoquer, infliger
English - German - occasion Pronunciation
n. Gelegenheit; Ereignis; Vorfall; Grund, Anlass
v. verursachen; mit sich bringen; veranlassen
English - Italian - occasion Pronunciation
s. occasione, circostanza; momento; evento; avvenimento; motivo, ragione, causa; causa immediata, pretesto, spunto; bisogno, necessità
v. provocare, causare, dare occasione a
English - Portuguese - occasion Pronunciation
s. ocasião, chance, oportunidade; evento, acontecimento; caso; razão
v. ocasionar; produzir; causar; mover; excitar
English - Russian - occasion Pronunciation
с. случай, оказия, основание, событие, благоприятный случай, причина, повод, обстоятельство
г. вызывать, служить поводом, давать повод, причинять
English - Turkish - occasion Pronunciation
i. ortam, mahal, özel durum, durum, fırsat, neden, sebep, uygun zaman, sıra
French - English - occasion Pronunciation
(f) n. chance, occasion, opportunity; scope, bargain, opening
German - English - occasion Pronunciation
n. opportunity; occurrence, event; incident; reason, cause, justification; need for something; necessity to do something
English - Dutch - occasion Pronunciation
zn. gelegenheid, keer, maal, aanleiding, reden, grond, omstandigheid, gebeurtenis, geval, voorval
ww. veroorzaken, aanleiding geven tot
English - Greek - occasion Pronunciation
ουσ. ευκαιρία, περίπτωση, περίσταση, αιτία, ανάγκη
ρήμ. προξενώ
French - Spanish - occasion Pronunciation
1. (général) ocasión (f); oportunidad (f)
2. (excuser) ocasión (f); motivo (m); causa (f)
3. (achats) ocasión (f); compra de segunda mano 4. (opportunité) ocasión (f); oportunidad (f)
French - German - occasion Pronunciation
n. gelegenheit, chance, möglichkeit, anlass, gelegenheitskauf
French - Italian - occasion Pronunciation
1. (général) occasione (f); opportunità (f)
2. (excuser) motivo (m); ragione (f); causa (f)
3. (achats) occasione (f) 4. (opportunité) occasione (f); opportunità (f)
French - Portuguese - occasion Pronunciation
1. (général) ocasião (f); altura (f); oportunidade (f)
2. (excuser) motivo (m); causa (f); razão (f)
3. (achats) compra de segunda mão 4. (opportunité) chance (f); oportunidade (f)
French - Russian - occasion Pronunciation
n. случай (f), случайность (f), оказия (f), обстоятельство (f), возможность (f)
French - Turkish - occasion Pronunciation
[la] fırsat, vesile; etken, âmil; elden düşme mal; kelepir (mal)
German - Turkish - occasion Pronunciation
firsat, münasebet, vesile, özel olay, önemli gün, neden, uygun zaman, sira, durum, hal, gerek, lüzum, ihtiyaç, icap
Dutch - French - occasion Pronunciation
(boodschappen) occasion (f)
French - Dutch - occasion Pronunciation
1. (général) gelegenheid (f)
2. (excuser) aanleiding (f); beweegreden (m/f); motief (n); beweeggrond (m)
3. (achats) occasion (m) 4. (opportunité) kans (m/f); gelegenheid (f)
English - Chinese - occasion Pronunciation
(名) 场合, 机会, 时机
(动) 致使, 引起, 惹起
English - Chinese - occasion Pronunciation
(名) 場合, 機會, 時機
(動) 致使, 引起, 惹起
English - Japanese - occasion Pronunciation
(名) 機会; 行事; 出来事; 理由, 原因; 必需品; 必要性
(動) 引き起こす; 起こさせる
English - Korean - occasion Pronunciation
명. 때, 기회; 사건, 용건; 이유, 원인, 계기
동. 생기게 하다, ...에게 ...시키다

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Dictionary Extension
Verb forms for occasion
Present participle: occasioning
Present: occasion (3.person: occasions)
Past: occasioned
Future: will occasion
Present conditional: would occasion
Present Perfect: have occasioned (3.person: has occasioned)
Past Perfect: had occasioned
Future Perfect: will have occasioned
Past conditional: would have occasioned