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English English - Definition of occasion 
n. opportunity; occurrence, event; incident; reason, cause, justification; need for something; necessity to do something
v. make occasion for; cause, incite; bring to pass
n. occasion, opportunity; occurrence, event, incident
Spanish English To Spanish - occasion 
s. ocasión, acontecimiento, coyuntura
v. ocasionar, ameritar, dar lugar a, irrogar, necesitar
French English To French - occasion 
n. occasion; motif; cas; sujet; cause, raison, opportunité; justification, événement, occurence
v. occasionner; provoquer, infliger
German English To German - occasion 
n. Gelegenheit; Ereignis; Vorfall; Grund, Anlass
v. verursachen; mit sich bringen; veranlassen
Italian English To Italian - occasion 
s. occasione, circostanza; momento; evento; avvenimento; motivo, ragione, causa; causa immediata, pretesto, spunto; bisogno, necessità
v. provocare, causare, dare occasione a
Portuguese English To Portuguese - occasion 
s. ocasião, chance, oportunidade; evento, acontecimento; caso; razão
v. ocasionar; produzir; causar; mover; excitar
Russian English To Russian - occasion 
с. случай, оказия, основание, событие, благоприятный случай, причина, повод, обстоятельство
г. вызывать, служить поводом, давать повод, причинять
Turkish English To Turkish - occasion 
i. ortam, mahal, özel durum, durum, fırsat, neden, sebep, uygun zaman, sıra
English French To English - occasion 
(f) n. chance, occasion, opportunity; scope, bargain, opening
English German To English - occasion 
n. opportunity; occurrence, event; incident; reason, cause, justification; need for something; necessity to do something
Albanian English To Albanian - occasion 
n. arësye, rast, rrethanë, arsye, shkak
Dutch English To Dutch - occasion 
zn. gelegenheid, keer, maal, aanleiding, reden, grond, omstandigheid, gebeurtenis, geval, voorval
ww. veroorzaken, aanleiding geven tot
Greek English To Greek - occasion 
ουσ. ευκαιρία, περίπτωση, περίσταση, αιτία, ανάγκη
ρήμ. προξενώ
French Dutch To French - occasion 
(boodschappen) occasion (f)
Dutch French To Dutch - occasion 
1. (général) gelegenheid (f)
2. (excuser) aanleiding (f); beweegreden (m/f); motief (n); beweeggrond (m)
3. (achats) occasion (m) 4. (opportunité) kans (m/f); gelegenheid (f)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - occasion 
(名) 场合, 机会, 时机
(动) 致使, 引起, 惹起
ChineseT English To ChineseT - occasion 
(名) 場合, 機會, 時機
(動) 致使, 引起, 惹起
Japanese English To Japanese - occasion 
(名) 機会; 行事; 出来事; 理由, 原因; 必需品; 必要性
(動) 引き起こす; 起こさせる
Korean English To Korean - occasion 
명. 때, 기회; 사건, 용건; 이유, 원인, 계기
동. 생기게 하다, ...에게 ...시키다
German French To German - occasion 
n. gelegenheit, chance, möglichkeit, anlass, gelegenheitskauf
Italian French To Italian - occasion 
1. (général) occasione (f); opportunità (f)
2. (excuser) motivo (m); ragione (f); causa (f)
3. (achats) occasione (f) 4. (opportunité) occasione (f); opportunità (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - occasion 
1. (général) ocasião (f); altura (f); oportunidade (f)
2. (excuser) motivo (m); causa (f); razão (f)
3. (achats) compra de segunda mão 4. (opportunité) chance (f); oportunidade (f)
Russian French To Russian - occasion 
n. случай (f), случайность (f), оказия (f), обстоятельство (f), возможность (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - occasion 
1. (général) ocasión (f); oportunidad (f)
2. (excuser) ocasión (f); motivo (m); causa (f)
3. (achats) ocasión (f); compra de segunda mano 4. (opportunité) ocasión (f); oportunidad (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - occasion 
[la] fırsat, vesile; etken, âmil; elden düşme mal; kelepir (mal)
Turkish German To Turkish - occasion 
firsat, münasebet, vesile, özel olay, önemli gün, neden, uygun zaman, sira, durum, hal, gerek, lüzum, ihtiyaç, icap
noun: reason Example:There was no occasion for complaint.
noun: an opportunity to do something Example:There was never an occasion for her to demonstrate her skill.
noun: the time of a particular event Example:On the occasion of his 60th birthday.
noun: an event that occurs at a critical time Example:It was needed only on special occasions.
noun: a vaguely specified social event Example:An occasion arranged to honor the president.
verb: give occasion to


 Synonyms for occasion
1. opportunity: chance, excuse, convenience, possibility, opening
2. event: affair, happening, instant, circumstance, incident, season, moment
3. cause: prompting, call, ground, incident, necessity, inducement, antecedent
4. cause: bring about, introduce, do, create, give rise to, motivate, move
Tenses for occasion
Present participle: occasioning
Present: occasion (3.person: occasions)
Past: occasioned
Future: will occasion
Present conditional: would occasion
Present Perfect: have occasioned (3.person: has occasioned)
Past Perfect: had occasioned
Future Perfect: will have occasioned
Past conditional: would have occasioned

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