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English English - Definition of occult 
n. study of the occult or occult practices, study of the supernatural (e.g. mysticism, Kabala, etc.)
adj. secret, hidden; inconceivable to the human mind, mysterious; magical, supernatural
adj. occult, secret, hidden; inconceivable to the human mind, mysterious; magical, supernatural
Spanish English To Spanish - occult 
s. ciencias ocultas
adj. oculto, escondido, esotérico, misterioso, recóndito, sobrenatural
French English To French - occult 
n. caractère occulte; la Kabbale
adj. occulte; secret; caché; mystérieux
German English To German - occult 
n. Okkult
adj. okkult
Italian English To Italian - occult 
s. scienze occulte
agg. occulto; arcano, misterioso; segreto; nascosto
Portuguese English To Portuguese - occult 
s. as ciências ocultas (com acréscimo de ''the'')
adj. oculto; secreto; misterioso; escondido; encoberto
Russian English To Russian - occult 
с. оккультные науки
прил. скрытый, темный, оккультный, тайный, сокровенный, таинственный
Turkish English To Turkish - occult 
s. gizli, doğaüstü, bilinmez, bilinmeyen, esrarlı, anlaşılmaz, büyülü
English Dutch To English - occult 
adj. occult, secret, hidden; inconceivable to the human mind, mysterious; magical, supernatural
Albanian English To Albanian - occult 
adj. fshehtë: i fshehtë, mistershëm: i mistershëm, padukshëm: i padukshëm, magjik, okult
Dutch English To Dutch - occult 
bn. occult, verborgen, geheim
zn. occult : het occulte
ww. verbergen, verduisteren
Greek English To Greek - occult 
επίθ. κρυφός, μυστηριώδης, υπερφησικώς
French Dutch To French - occult 
(magie) occulte
ChineseS English To ChineseS - occult 
(名) 神秘之事
(形) 神秘的, 超自然的, 不可思议的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - occult 
(名) 神秘之事
(形) 神秘的, 超自然的, 不可思議的
Japanese English To Japanese - occult 
(形) 神秘の; 秘術の; 超自然的な; 難解な; 肉眼で見えない
(名) 神秘; 秘学
Korean English To Korean - occult 
명. 비술이나 마술 연구, 초자연적인 힘 연구
형. 신비한, 숨은; 마법의, 초자연적인
noun: occult practices and techniques Example:He is a student of the occult.
noun: supernatural forces and events and beings collectively
verb: hide from view Example:The lids were occulting her eyes.
verb: become concealed or hidden from view or have its light extinguished Example:The beam of light occults every so often.
verb: cause an eclipse of (a celestial body) by intervention Example:Planets and stars often are occulted by other celestial bodies.


 Synonyms for occult
1. mystical: preternatural, metaphysical, psychic, supernatural, weird, mysterious
2. hidden: cabbalistic, esoteric, concealed, obscure, recondite, secret, shrouded
Tenses for occult
Present participle: occulting
Present: occult (3.person: occults)
Past: occulted
Future: will occult
Present conditional: would occult
Present Perfect: have occulted (3.person: has occulted)
Past Perfect: had occulted
Future Perfect: will have occulted
Past conditional: would have occulted

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