English - Definiton of occupy Pronunciation
v. seize, conquer; hold, control
v. inhabit, live in; fill, take up; engage, keep busy
English - Spanish - occupy Pronunciation
v. ocupar, emplear, hacer uso de; dar ocupación a
v. residir en; ocupar; llenar; dedicarse a
English - French - occupy Pronunciation
v. occuper; maintenir
v. habiter; s'emparer de; remplir; s'occuper l'esprit
English - German - occupy Pronunciation
v. besetzen; belagern
v. bewohnen; belegen; füllen; beschäftigen (seinen Geist)
English - Italian - occupy Pronunciation
v. occupare; ingombrare, riempire; (rifl) essere occupato; coprire, ricoprire, tenere
English - Portuguese - occupy Pronunciation
v. ocupar, tomar, conquistar, dominar; segurar, reter, deter
v. ocupar; viver em; tomar; preencher, completar; empregar, utilizar
English - Russian - occupy Pronunciation
г. занимать, завладевать, арендовать, захватывать, завладеть, оккупировать
English - Turkish - occupy Pronunciation
f. oturmak, tutmak, işgal etmek, almak (zaman), meşgul etmek
English - Albanian - occupy Pronunciation
v. zë, marr, zaptoj, invadoj, okupoj [usht.]
English - Dutch - occupy Pronunciation
ww. bezetten, bekleden, bezighouden, beslaan, innemen, beslag : in beslag nemen, bewonen
English - Greek - occupy Pronunciation
ρήμ. ασχολούμαι, απασχολώ, κατοικώ, καταλαμβάνω, κατέχω
English - Chinese - occupy Pronunciation
(动) 占领, 住进, 占
English - Chinese - occupy Pronunciation
(動) 佔領, 住進, 占
English - Japanese - occupy Pronunciation
(動) 住む; 占める; 従事する
(動) 奪う; 占領する
English - Korean - occupy Pronunciation
동. 점령하다, 점거하다; 점유하다, 영유하다, 차지하다
동. 점유하다, 차지하다; 거주하다; 열중시키다
verb: live (in a certain place)
verb: occupy the whole of
verb: as of time or space
verb: keep busy with
verb: be present in; be inside of
verb: march aggressively into another's territory by military force for the purposes of conquest and occupation
verb: be on the mind of
verb: engage or engross wholly

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Verb forms for occupy
Present participle: occupying
Present: occupy (3.person: occupies)
Past: occupied
Future: will occupy
Present conditional: would occupy
Present Perfect: have occupied (3.person: has occupied)
Past Perfect: had occupied
Future Perfect: will have occupied
Past conditional: would have occupied