Definition of offering Pronunciation
1. Money contributed to a religious organization.
2. The act of contributing to the funds of a church or charity.
Oblations for aid to the poor.
3. The verbal act of offering.
A generous offer of assistance.
4. Something offered (as a proposal or bid).
Noteworthy new offerings for investors included several index funds.
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English - English - offering Pronunciation
n. sacrifice; donation; present, gift
English - Spanish - offering Pronunciation
s. oferta, oblación, ofrecimiento, ofrenda, sacrificio
English - French - offering Pronunciation
n. sacrifice; offrande; don; cadeau
English - German - offering Pronunciation
[offer] v. anbieten; Preisangebot machen; einreichen; Ausdruck verleihen (Dank etc.); (Opfer) darbringen
n. Opfern; Anbieten
English - Italian - offering Pronunciation
s. (Rel) offerta; oblazione; novità proposta
English - Portuguese - offering Pronunciation
s. oferenda, sacrifício; doação; presente
English - Russian - offering Pronunciation
с. предложение, жертвоприношение, подношение, жертва
English - Turkish - offering Pronunciation
i. teklif, sunuş, adak, kurban, bağış, kilisede toplanan para
Dutch - English - offering Pronunciation
n. drink offering
English - Dutch - offering Pronunciation
zn. offer, offergave, offerande, aanbieding
English - Greek - offering Pronunciation
ουσ. προσφορά, θυσία
English - Chinese - offering Pronunciation
(名) 提供, 牲礼, 奉献物
English - Chinese - offering Pronunciation
(名) 提供, 牲禮, 奉獻物
English - Japanese - offering Pronunciation
(名) 奉納; 献金; 提供; 申し出
(動) 提供する; 提案する; 売りに出す; 申し出る
English - Korean - offering Pronunciation
명. 봉납, 헌납; 헌금, 기부; 선사

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