Definition of offload Pronunciation
1. To unload
2. To get rid of things, work, or problems by passing them on to someone or something else
He offloaded the defective car onto an unsuspecting buyer.
3. To deny a person on a standby list due to lack of space.
4. To change a passengers' ticket status from "checked in" to "open", allowing further changes. (This applies regardless of whether the passenger has boarded the aircraft or not).
5. The act of offloading something, or diverting it elsewhere.
6. The act of passing the ball to a team mate when tackled.
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English - English - offload Pronunciation
English - Spanish - offload Pronunciation
v.- descargar | vaciar | trasladars.- descarga | vaciado | traslado
English - French - offload Pronunciation
v. débarquer, décharger
English - German - offload Pronunciation
v. abladen, ausladen, entladen, aussteigen lassen
English - Italian - offload Pronunciation
v. scaricare
English - Russian - offload Pronunciation
г. разгружать, разгрузить, избавиться
English - Turkish - offload Pronunciation
f. yüklemek, satmak, bırakmak
English - Dutch - offload Pronunciation
ww. afladen, hand : van de hand doen
English - Greek - offload Pronunciation
(Lex**) ξεφορτώστε
English - Hindi - offload Pronunciation
v. बोझ उतार लेना
English - Korean - offload Pronunciation
동. 짐을 내리다, 짐을 덜다, 탄알을 빼내다, 처분하다, 짐을 부리다
English - Vietnamese - offload Pronunciation
v. cho hành khách xuống

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Verb forms for offload
Present participle: offloading
Present: offload (3.person: offloads)
Past: offloaded
Future: will offload
Present conditional: would offload
Present Perfect: have offloaded (3.person: has offloaded)
Past Perfect: had offloaded
Future Perfect: will have offloaded
Past conditional: would have offloaded