Definition of offshore Pronunciation
1. Moving away from the shore.
2. Located in the sea away from the coast.
An offshore oil rig
3. Located in another country, especially one having beneficial tax laws.
4. Away from the shore.
5. At some distance from the shore.
6. To use foreign labour to substitute for local labour.
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English - English - offshore Pronunciation
adj. far from shore; away from the shore
n. offshore
adj. offshore
English - Spanish - offshore Pronunciation
adj. fuera del país, de ultramar
English - French - offshore Pronunciation
adv. vers le large, au large; côtier, proche du littoral
adj. au large, éloigné de la côte
English - German - offshore Pronunciation
adv. entfernt von der Küste; weit weg von der Küste
adj. küstennah
English - Italian - offshore Pronunciation
avv. al largo
agg. di terra; in mare aperto, al largo; (am; Econ) estero; d'oltremare
English - Portuguese - offshore Pronunciation
adv. longe da costa, em alto-mar
adj. de terra; costeiro
English - Russian - offshore Pronunciation
прил. произведенный за границей, находящийся на расстоянии от берега, двигающийся в направлении от берега
English - Turkish - offshore Pronunciation
zf. kıyıdan uzakta, kıyıdan esen
i. açık deniz
s. kıyıdan uzak, kıyıdan esen, dış, yabancı ülkeden
French - English - offshore Pronunciation
(m) n. offshore
Italian - English - offshore Pronunciation
adj. offshore
Dutch - English - offshore Pronunciation
adv. offshore
English - Dutch - offshore Pronunciation
adv. kust : voor de kust, buitengaats, kust : van de kust af, offshore, kust : op de hoogte van de kust
English - Greek - offshore Pronunciation
επίρ. κοντά στη στεριά, παράκτιοι νήσοι
English - Chinese - offshore Pronunciation
(形) 向海面吹的, 海面上的, 离岸的
English - Chinese - offshore Pronunciation
(形) 向海面吹的, 海面上的, 離岸的
English - Japanese - offshore Pronunciation
(形) 沖の; 沖に向かう; 国外で取り決めた
(副) 沖に; 岸から離れて
English - Korean - offshore Pronunciation
형. 해변으로 부터 떨어진

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