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English English - Definition of oldish 
adj. somewhat old; a bit aged (Informal)
Spanish English To Spanish - oldish 
adj. avejentado
French English To French - oldish 
adj. assez vieux, assez vieille
German English To German - oldish 
adj. ältlich
Italian English To Italian - oldish 
agg. piuttosto vecchio; vecchiotto
Portuguese English To Portuguese - oldish 
adj. velhote, avelhantado; idoso
Russian English To Russian - oldish 
прил. староватый
Turkish English To Turkish - oldish 
s. yaşlıca, eskice, ihtiyar
Albanian English To Albanian - oldish 
adj. vjetër: i vjetër pak
Dutch English To Dutch - oldish 
bn. beetje oud
Greek English To Greek - oldish 
κάπως μεγάλος , παλιούτσικος,
ChineseS English To ChineseS - oldish 
(形) 稍老的; 稍旧的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - oldish 
(形) 稍老的; 稍舊的
Japanese English To Japanese - oldish 
(形) やや年取った; やや古い
Korean English To Korean - oldish 
형. 약간 나이 먹은


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