English - Definiton of oleo Pronunciation
pref. oil, oily
pref. oleo
v. flutter, wave; cheer
English - Spanish - oleo Pronunciation
pref. Oleo
Spanish - English - oleo Pronunciation
[oleo] prep. oleo
English - French - oleo Pronunciation
pref. huile
English - German - oleo Pronunciation
pref. Oleat
English - Italian - oleo Pronunciation
pref. olio
English - Portuguese - oleo Pronunciation
pref. prefixo indicativo de óleo
English - Russian - oleo Pronunciation
говяжий жир; олеография; олеомаргарин
English - Turkish - oleo Pronunciation
i. margarin
Italian - English - oleo Pronunciation
pref. oleo
English - Greek - oleo Pronunciation
(Lex**) ελαιο
English - Japanese - oleo Pronunciation
(接頭) 油
noun: a spread made chiefly from vegetable oils and used as a substitute for butter

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