Definition of on site Pronunciation
1. Occurring at the site of a job, or at the location of the customer of a product or service, as opposed to at the vendor's factory or office.
If we can't figure out how to diagnose this problem remotely, we're going to have to go on site again.
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English - English - on site Pronunciation
located on a particular premises, taking place at a particular location; (Construction) activities and objects that are on a building site
English - Spanish - on site Pronunciation
adj. situ: in situ
English - French - on site Pronunciation
on-site ['KnsaNt] adj (supervision, maintenance) sur place.
English - German - on site Pronunciation
an einem bestimmten Ort
English - Russian - on site Pronunciation
прил. местный, локальный
English - Turkish - on site Pronunciation
English - Ukrainian - on site Pronunciation
adj. на містах, місцевий
English - Japanese - on site Pronunciation

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