Definition of one-liner Pronunciation
1. A short joke, especially one of a single sentence
2. A short remark intended as a sound bite
3. A textual input to the command-line of an operating system shell that performs some function in just one line of input
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English - English - one-liner Pronunciation
short and witty remark comprised of one sentence
English - Spanish - one-liner Pronunciation
frase ingeniosa - frase lematizada que cautiva la esencia de algo | broma corta
English - German - one-liner Pronunciation
Einzeiler, kurzer und zusammengefasster einzeiliger Kommentar oder Bemerkung
English - Portuguese - one-liner Pronunciation
observação esperta feita em uma só frase
English - Russian - one-liner Pronunciation
n. собир. острота; шутка
English - Ukrainian - one-liner Pronunciation
a. обмежений, односторонній, однобічний

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