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English English - Definition of onerous 
adj. burdensome, laborious; oppressive; involving obligations that outweigh any possible benefits (Law)
Spanish English To Spanish - onerous 
adj. oneroso, arduo, estipendioso, gravoso, laborioso, que encarece
French English To French - onerous 
adj. lourd, pesant; pénible
German English To German - onerous 
adj. erschwerend; lästig; schwer
Italian English To Italian - onerous 
agg. gravoso, oneroso, pesante
Portuguese English To Portuguese - onerous 
adj. oneroso; opressivo; molesto; pesado
Russian English To Russian - onerous 
прил. тягостный, обременительный, затруднительный
Turkish English To Turkish - onerous 
s. ağır, zahmetli, külfetli
Albanian English To Albanian - onerous 
adj. rëndë: i rëndë, vështirë: i vështirë
Dutch English To Dutch - onerous 
bn. lastig, zwaar; bezwaard (eigendom)
Greek English To Greek - onerous 
επίθ. βαρύς
ChineseS English To ChineseS - onerous 
(形) 繁重的; 负有义务的; 麻烦的; 有偿的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - onerous 
(形) 繁重的; 負有義務的; 麻煩的; 有償的
Japanese English To Japanese - onerous 
(形) 厄介な, うっとうしい, 重荷の, 負担の
Korean English To Korean - onerous 
형. 번거로운, 부담이 따르는; 압력을 주는; 유상의, 부담이 따른(법률)
adjective: not easily borne; wearing Example:My duties weren't onerous.


 Synonyms for onerous
1. tiresome: grinding, laborious, strenuous, tedious, hard, arduous, gruelling
2. heavy: burdensome, demanding, serious, exacting, galling, exigent, troublesome
3. severe: rigourous, vexatious, harsh, painful, afflictive
4. tiring: overpowering, crushing, excessive, merciless, taxing, fatiguing, intolerable
5. distressing: irksome, grievous, heartbreaking

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