Definition of opponent Pronunciation
1. An individual or group who is a rival of another.
2. One who attempts to stop the progression of.
3. One who objects to.
4. In team sports, a player of an opposite team.
5. Situated in front; opposite; hence, opposing; adverse; antagonistic.
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English - English - opponent Pronunciation
n. rival, adversary; objector; counteracting muscle (Anatomy)
adj. contradicting; opposing
n. oppositionist, opposer, objector, refuter, resister; member of the opposition
English - Spanish - opponent Pronunciation
s. adversario, antagonista, competidor, contendiente, contraponedor, contrario, contrincante, oponente, opositor, retador, rival
adj. opuesto; en oposición; (Anat.) oponente
English - French - opponent Pronunciation
n. adversaire; opposant
adj. opposant; adversaire; antagoniste
English - German - opponent Pronunciation
n. Gegner; Gegensprecher
adj. entgegengesetzt
English - Italian - opponent Pronunciation
s. oppositore, opponente; antagonista, avversario
agg. avversario, antagonista
English - Portuguese - opponent Pronunciation
s. oponente; inimigo, adversário
adj. oponente; oposto; contrário
English - Russian - opponent Pronunciation
с. враг, противник, оппонент
прил. противоположный, расположенный напротив, враждебный
English - Turkish - opponent Pronunciation
i. karşı taraf, muhalif, aleyhtar, düşman, rakip
s. karşı, karşıt, zıt
German - English - opponent Pronunciation
n. rival, adversary; objector; counteracting muscle (Anatomy)
Dutch - English - opponent Pronunciation
n. opposer, objector
English - Dutch - opponent Pronunciation
bn. tegenstrevend, tegengesteld, strijdig
zn. tegenstander, tegenstrever, tegenkandidaat, tegenpartij, bestrijder
English - Greek - opponent Pronunciation
ουσ. αντίπαλος
επίθ. αντίδικος
German - Spanish - opponent Pronunciation
n. oponente (m), opositor (m)
German - French - opponent Pronunciation
n. opposant (m)
German - Italian - opponent Pronunciation
n. oppositore (m)
German - Russian - opponent Pronunciation
n. оппонент (m), противник (m)
German - Turkish - opponent Pronunciation
i. muhalif (m)
English - Chinese - opponent Pronunciation
(名) 对手, 反对者, 敌手
(形) 敌对的, 反对的
English - Chinese - opponent Pronunciation
(名) 對手, 反對者, 敵手
(形) 敵對的, 反對的
English - Japanese - opponent Pronunciation
(名) 相手; 敵対者; 対立筋
(形) 敵対する; 拮抗の; 対立する
English - Korean - opponent Pronunciation
명. 적수, 상대; 맞은 편에 있는 대상; 길항적인 근육(해부학)
형. 적대하는, 반대측의
German - Chinese - opponent Pronunciation

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competitor: rival, antagonist, competition, contestant