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Definition of opposite

1. Located directly across from something else, or from each other.
She saw him walking on the opposite side of the road.
2. Facing in the other direction.
They were moving in opposite directions.
3. Of either of two complementary or mutually exclusive things.
He has a lot of success with the opposite sex.
4. Extremely different; inconsistent; contrary; repugnant; antagonistic.
5. Something opposite or contrary to another.
6. An opponent.
7. An antonym.
"Up" is the opposite of "down".
8. An additive inverse.
9. In an opposite position.
I was on my seat and she stood opposite.
10. Facing, or across from.
He lives opposite the pub.
11. In a complementary role to.
He played opposite Marilyn Monroe.
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English - English - opposite

n. contrast; something contrary
adj. facing, across from; contrary; reverse; different; antithetical
adv. on or towards an opposite side; contrarily

English - Spanish - opposite

s. opuesto, antítesis, contrario, reverso; adversario, antagonista
adj. contrario, inverso, opuesto
adv. en frente, cara a cara, enfrente, frente a frente, frente por frente

English - French - opposite

n. contraste; inverse
adj. contraire; en face de; autre, opposé
adv. vis-à-vis; en face

English - German - opposite

n. Gegenteil, -satz
adj. widersätzlich; gegenüberliegend; widersprechend; umgekehrt, gegensätzlich, entgegengesetz
adv. gegenüberliegend; widersetzlich

English - Indonesian - opposite

n. lawan, sebaliknya: sesuatu yg sebaliknya
a. seberang, berlawanan: yg berlawanan, bertentangan: yg bertentangan
prep. berhadapan dgn, hadapan: di hadapan, tentang

English - Italian - opposite

s. opposto, contrario
agg. opposto, di fronte, contrapposto; contrario, inverso
avv. dirimpetto, di fronte, di faccia

English - Polish - opposite

n. przeciwieństwo
a. przeciwległy, naprzeciwległy, odwrotny
adv. naprzeciw, naprzeciwko, wprost: na wprost
prep. wprost

English - Portuguese - opposite

s. oposto; contrário
adj. oposto, contrário; que está situado em frente, que está diante de; inverso
adv. em frente de, diante de; do lado oposto

English - Romanian - opposite

n. raport de opoziţie, opoziţie, lucru opus
a. opus, contrar, invers, antonimic, antonimic faţă de
adv. vizavi
prep. vizavi de, parte: de partea cealaltă, parte: pe partea cealaltă, partener: ca partener

English - Russian - opposite

с. противоположность
прил. находящийся напротив, расположенный напротив, противоположный, противолежащий, обратный
нареч. напротив

English - Turkish - opposite

s. karşı, karşıt, karşı olan, muhalif, aleyhinde, ters, aksi, zıt, zıt anlamlı
zf. karşı yönde, karşı, karşı tarafta, karşı karşıya
ed. karşısında, karşıda, karşılıklı, karşısındaki

English - Ukrainian - opposite

n. протилежність
a. навпроти: розташований навпроти, протилежний, протилежний за характером, протилежний за властивостями, протилежний за природою, зворотний, противний
adv. навпроти, проти, напроти, насупроти
prep. проти, навпроти, напроти

English - Dutch - opposite

bn. overstaand, tegenovergesteld, tegengesteld, tegenovergelegen, overstand, tegenoverstand, tegen-, over, ander
adv. overkant : aan de overkant van, tegenover
zn. tegenover,

English - Greek - opposite

ουσ. αντίθετο
επίθ. αντίθετος, αντίρροπος
πρόθ. έναντι, απέναντι

English - Arabic - opposite

‏معكوس، تناقض، الضد‏
‏متضارب، معارض، ضد، خصم، معاكس، مواجه، متعارض، مقابل، نقيض، متضاد، معاد‏
‏متواجه، أمام‏

English - Chinese - opposite

(名) 对立面; 对立物
(形) 相对的, 对立的, 对面的
(副) 在对面, 在对过

English - Chinese - opposite

(名) 對立面; 對立物
(形) 相對的, 對立的, 對面的
(副) 在對面, 在對過

English - Hindi - opposite

n. विरोध
a. सामने का, सम्मुख-स्थित, विपरीत, विरुद्ध, विरोधी, विलोम
adv. सामने
prep. उल्टे, सामने: के सामने, खि़लाफ़: के खि़लाफ़, विरुद्ध: के विरुद्ध

English - Japanese - opposite

(前) 向かい側に; 相手役で
(副) 向かい側に
(形) 向こう側の, 向かい側の; 反対の; 逆の

English - Korean - opposite

명. 반대; 정반대의 것
형. 반대쪽의; 상반되는; 역의; 다른
부. 반대쪽에, 맞은 편에; 대조적으로

English - Vietnamese - opposite

a. đối diện, đối mặt, đâu mặt nhau
adv. nghịch chiều
prep. trước mặt, đối diện
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