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English French To English - originale 
[original] adj. original, eccentric; novel, proper
English Italian To English - originale 
adj. original, new, eccentric, queer, odd, strange
Dutch French To Dutch - originale 
(femme) zonderlinge (f); excentriekelinge (f); figuur (m); raar mens (n); vreemde vogel (f); individu (n); eentje (n)
Dutch German To Dutch - originale 
origineel ,originele
German French To German - originale 
echte, originale, originelle, ursprüngliche
Italian French To Italian - originale 
(femme) originale (f); eccentrica (f); stravagante (f); tipa bizzarra
Portuguese French To Portuguese - originale 
(femme) estranha (f); excêntrica (f); esquisita (f); figura (f) (informal; Lat. Amer.)
Spanish French To Spanish - originale 
(femme) original (f); excéntrica (f); chiflada (f)
German Italian To German - originale 
n. urschrift, vorlage, eigenbrötler, sonderling, einzelgänger, narr, urbild, original
adj. original, originell, drollig, kühn, urschriftlich, ursprünglich, eigentlich, neu, sonderbar, einmalig


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