Definition of orthocenter Pronunciation
1. the intersection of the three lines that can be drawn flowing from the three corners of a triangle to a point along the opposite side where each line intersects that side at a 90 degree angle; in an acute triangle, it is inside the triangle; in an obtuse triangle, it is outside the triangle.
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English - English - orthocenter Pronunciation
n. (Geometry) point where the three altitudes of a triangle cross each other
English - Spanish - orthocenter Pronunciation
English - French - orthocenter Pronunciation
n. orthocentre, point d'intersection des trois hauteurs d'un triangle
English - German - orthocenter Pronunciation
English - Portuguese - orthocenter Pronunciation
s. (Geometria) ponto onde as três alturas de um triângulo se cruzam
English - Turkish - orthocenter Pronunciation
mat. yüksekliklerin kesim noktası, yükseklik merkezi, yükseklik özeği
English - Greek - orthocenter Pronunciation
ουσ. ορθόκεντρο
English - Korean - orthocenter Pronunciation
명. 수심

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