adj. of or related to the treatment of deformities or diseases of the bones and joints
English - Spanish - orthopaedic Pronunciation
adj. ortopédico
English - French - orthopaedic Pronunciation
adj. orthopédique, relatif à l'orthopédie
English - German - orthopaedic Pronunciation
adj. orthopädisch
English - Italian - orthopaedic Pronunciation
agg. ortopedico
English - Portuguese - orthopaedic Pronunciation
adj. ortopédico, de ortopedia
English - Russian - orthopaedic Pronunciation
прил. ортопедический
English - Turkish - orthopaedic Pronunciation
s. ortopedik
English - Albanian - orthopaedic Pronunciation
adj. ortopedik
English - Dutch - orthopaedic Pronunciation
bn. ortopedisch
English - Greek - orthopaedic Pronunciation
(Lex**) ορθοπεδικός
English - Chinese - orthopaedic Pronunciation
(形) 整形外科的
English - Chinese - orthopaedic Pronunciation
(形) 整形外科的
English - Japanese - orthopaedic Pronunciation
(形) 整形外科の
English - Korean - orthopaedic Pronunciation
형. 정형법의
adjective: of or relating to or employed in orthopedics
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