Definition of orthopaedics Pronunciation
1. The branch of medical science concerned with disorders or deformities of the spine and joints.
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English - English - orthopaedics Pronunciation
n. branch of medicine dealing with diseases of the bones and joints
English - Spanish - orthopaedics Pronunciation
s. ortopedia
English - French - orthopaedics Pronunciation
n. orthopédie, branche médicale qui traite les affections des tendons et des muscles
English - German - orthopaedics Pronunciation
n. Orthopädie (Lehre u. Behandlung v. Erkrankungen der Bewegungsorgane)
English - Italian - orthopaedics Pronunciation
s. ortopedia (ramo della medicina che si occupa della correzione e prevenzione delle deformità scheletriche)
English - Portuguese - orthopaedics Pronunciation
s. ortopedia (ramo na medicina que trata de doenças do esqueleto e das articulações)
English - Russian - orthopaedics Pronunciation
с. ортопедия
English - Turkish - orthopaedics Pronunciation
i. ortopedi
English - Dutch - orthopaedics Pronunciation
zn. orthopedie (heeft te maken met het herstellen van bottenstelsel)
English - Greek - orthopaedics Pronunciation
ουσ. ορθοπεδία, ορθοπεδική
English - Chinese - orthopaedics Pronunciation
(名) 整形外科; 整形术
English - Chinese - orthopaedics Pronunciation
(名) 整形外科; 整形術
English - Japanese - orthopaedics Pronunciation
(名) 整形外科; 歯列矯正学; 整形外科医
English - Korean - orthopaedics Pronunciation
명. 정형 외과, 정형술

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