Definition of orthopedist Pronunciation
1. An orthopedic surgeon
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English - English - orthopedist Pronunciation
n. doctor of orthopedics (branch of surgery dealing with deformities, diseases and injuries of the bones and joints)
English - Spanish - orthopedist Pronunciation
s. ortopedista
English - French - orthopedist Pronunciation
n. orthopédiste, médecin qui pratique l'orthopédie
English - German - orthopedist Pronunciation
n. Orthopäde; Fachmann für Orthopädie
English - Indonesian - orthopedist Pronunciation
n. tulang: ahli bedah bagian tulang, ortopedi: ahli ortopedi
English - Italian - orthopedist Pronunciation
s. ortopedista; esperto d'ortopedia
English - Polish - orthopedist Pronunciation
n. ortopeda
English - Portuguese - orthopedist Pronunciation
s. ortopedista; especialista em ortopedia
English - Russian - orthopedist Pronunciation
с. ортопед
English - Turkish - orthopedist Pronunciation
i. ortopedist, ortopedi uzmanı
English - Dutch - orthopedist Pronunciation
zn. ortopedist, ortopeed
English - Greek - orthopedist Pronunciation
ουσ. ορθοπεδικός
Dutch - French - orthopedist Pronunciation
(geneeskunde - man) orthopédiste (m)
English - Arabic - orthopedist Pronunciation
‏المجبر، مقوم الأعضاء، مجبر‏
English - Chinese - orthopedist Pronunciation
n. 骨科医生 (gu3 ke1 yı1 sheng5)
English - Chinese - orthopedist Pronunciation
n. 骨科醫生 (gu3 ke1 yı1 sheng5)
English - Hindi - orthopedist Pronunciation
n. ओर्थपेडीस्ट
English - Japanese - orthopedist Pronunciation
(名) 整形外科医
English - Korean - orthopedist Pronunciation
명. 정형 외과 의사

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