Definition of orthotopic Pronunciation
1. In the normal position
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English - English - orthotopic Pronunciation
adj. in a normal position; pertaining to the transplant of an organ into its normal anatomical position
English - Spanish - orthotopic Pronunciation
adj. Alineador
English - French - orthotopic Pronunciation
adj. orthotopique, en position normal; terme qualifiant la transplantation d'un organe à son emplacement anatomique normal
English - German - orthotopic Pronunciation
adj. orthotopisch, richtend, verbessernd (augenmed.)
English - Italian - orthotopic Pronunciation
agg. ortotopico (corregge, che rende dritto)
English - Portuguese - orthotopic Pronunciation
adj. ortotópico, endireitado, direto; que torna direto, que torna reto
English - Japanese - orthotopic Pronunciation
(形) 真っ直ぐ伸びる

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