Definition of oscillography Pronunciation
1. Measurement by means of an oscillograph
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English - English - oscillography Pronunciation
n. recording of wave forms representing fluctuations in electrical quantities (Electronics)
English - Spanish - oscillography Pronunciation
s. Osilógrafía,registración de los movimientos oscilatorios (en electrónica)
English - French - oscillography Pronunciation
n. oscillographie, représentation ou enregistrement des courants électriques variables (Electronique)
English - German - oscillography Pronunciation
n. Oszillographie, Schwingungsschreiben (Elektrotechnik)
English - Italian - oscillography Pronunciation
s. oscillografia
English - Portuguese - oscillography Pronunciation
s. oscilografia, registro de oscilações (Eletrônica)
English - Japanese - oscillography Pronunciation
(名) オシログラフ測定

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