Definition of osteoplastic Pronunciation
1. Of, or relating to osteoplasty.
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English - English - osteoplastic Pronunciation
adj. pertaining to bone reconstruction; of surgery of the bones
English - Spanish - osteoplastic Pronunciation
adj. Modelación de los huesos
English - French - osteoplastic Pronunciation
adj. ostéoplastique, de façonnage des os
English - German - osteoplastic Pronunciation
adj. der Knochenformung
English - Italian - osteoplastic Pronunciation
agg. osteoplastico, della modellazione delle ossa
English - Portuguese - osteoplastic Pronunciation
adj. osteoplástico, referente à modelagem dos ossos
English - Russian - osteoplastic Pronunciation
костеобразующий; остеогенный
English - Turkish - osteoplastic Pronunciation
English - Chinese - osteoplastic Pronunciation
(形) 补骨手术的; 换骨手术的
English - Chinese - osteoplastic Pronunciation
(形) 補骨手術的; 換骨手術的
English - Japanese - osteoplastic Pronunciation
(形) 骨形成性の

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