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English English - Definition of outgoing 
adj. departing; sociable; sailing away
Spanish English To Spanish - outgoing 
adj. sociable, congenial, extrovertido; saliente, dimisionario
French English To French - outgoing 
adj. sortant, sociable; parti en voyage (bateau)
German English To German - outgoing 
[outgo] v. überbieten, übertreffen; jemanden übertreffen
adj. übertreffend; ausziehend; wegführend
Italian English To Italian - outgoing 
agg. in partenza; uscente, che si ritira; estroverso, espansivo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - outgoing 
adj. de saída, de partida; demissionário; diz-se de quem está deixando um cargo ou encerrando a sua cadência
Russian English To Russian - outgoing 
прил. уходящий, отбывающий, уезжающий, отзывчивый, исходящий, общительный, дружелюбный
Turkish English To Turkish - outgoing 
i. gidiş
s. giden, çıkan, kalkan, dışarı giden, akıp giden, sempatik, açık yürekli, içi dışı bir
Albanian English To Albanian - outgoing 
adj. dallues, ikës, përpunuar: i përpunuar
Dutch English To Dutch - outgoing 
bn. vertrekkend, aftredend
zn. eb, ebbe
Greek English To Greek - outgoing 
ουσ. αναχώρηση, έξοδο
επίθ. εξερχόμενος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - outgoing 
(形) 外出的; 即将离职的; 出发的; 直率的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - outgoing 
(形) 外出的; 即將離職的; 出發的; 直率的
Japanese English To Japanese - outgoing 
(形) 出ていく; 引退する; 外向的な
Korean English To Korean - outgoing 
형. 출발하는; 사교적인; 출항하는
adjective: going out or away or of the past Example:An outgoing steamship.
adjective: somewhat extroverted
adjective: at ease in talking to others
adjective: going out or away or of the past Example:An outgoing steamship.


 Synonyms for outgoing
demonstrative: expansive, expressive, illustrative, unconstrained, unreserved, unrestrained

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