Definition of outplacement Pronunciation
1. The process of helping to find new employment for redundant workers, especially executives
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English - English - outplacement Pronunciation
n. job search assistance offered by a company to a dismissed employee; displacement
English - Spanish - outplacement Pronunciation
s. Agencia de Trabajo, agencia que ofrece asistencia al desocupado y le busca lugares de trabajo
English - French - outplacement Pronunciation
outplacement, aide au reclassement, reconversion externe
English - German - outplacement Pronunciation
n. Outplacement, Hilfe bei der Jobsuche von einer Firma an entlassene Personen angeboten; Deplazierung
English - Russian - outplacement Pronunciation
трудоустройство уволенных
English - Japanese - outplacement Pronunciation
(名) 解雇した従業員の再雇用; 交替
English - Korean - outplacement Pronunciation
명. 해고자들에게 회사가 제공하는 취직 알선

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