Definitions and translations for "outstand"

Definition of outstand

1. To resist effectually; withstand; sustain without yielding.
2. To surpass in standing; stand or remain beyond; outstay.
3. To project outward from the main body; stand out prominently; be prominent.
4. To stand out to sea.
5. To stand over; remain untouched, unimpaired, unsettled, uncollected, unpaid, or otherwise undetermined.
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English - English - outstand

v. stand out, be noticeable; remain beyond; withstand, bear, endure

English - French - outstand

v. résister, tenir bon, ne pas flancher,;endurer, supporter; souffrir

English - German - outstand

v. hervorstehen; wegbleiben; ausstehen, ertragen

English - Italian - outstand

v. spiccare, risaltare; sopportare, sostenere, tollerare

English - Portuguese - outstand

v. sobressair, tornar-se notório; aguentar, suportar (sofrimento, etc.)

English - Russian - outstand

г. выступать

English - Ukrainian - outstand

v. виділятися над чимсь, виступати над чимсь, віддалятися від берега, витримати, вистояти, затримуватися довше від когось, залишатися довше від когось

English - Japanese - outstand

(動) 目立つ; 長く残る; 耐える
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Verb forms for outstand
Present participle: outstanding
Present: outstand (3.person: outstands)
Past: outstood
Future: will outstand
Present conditional: would outstand
Present Perfect: have outstood (3.person: has outstood)
Past Perfect: had outstood
Future Perfect: will have outstood
Past conditional: would have outstood