Definition of overachiever Pronunciation
1. One who overachieves; one who has too much success.
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English - English - overachiever Pronunciation
n. person who tries excessively to achieve, person who attains much more than is expected, perfectionist
English - Spanish - overachiever Pronunciation
s. sobrecalificado; extremadamente competente
English - French - overachiever Pronunciation
n. personne qui réussit mieux que prévu
English - German - overachiever Pronunciation
n. einer, der mehr erreicht (mehr als erwartet)
English - Italian - overachiever Pronunciation
s. carrierista
English - Portuguese - overachiever Pronunciation
s. pessoa cujo desempenho superou todas expectativas
English - Russian - overachiever Pronunciation
получающий оценки выше ожидаемых учащийся; старательный учащийся; трудяга
English - Turkish - overachiever Pronunciation
beklenilenden daha basarili
English - Chinese - overachiever Pronunciation
(名) 成就比预期大的人
English - Chinese - overachiever Pronunciation
(名) 成就比預期大的人
English - Japanese - overachiever Pronunciation
(名) 学生; 完璧主義者; 天才

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