Definition of overboil Pronunciation
1. To boil excessively.
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English - German - overboil Pronunciation
v. verkochen
English - Indonesian - overboil Pronunciation
v. mendidih lebih banyak dr yg patut
English - Polish - overboil Pronunciation
v. przegotować, przesmażyć
English - Russian - overboil Pronunciation
г. убежать, перекипеть
English - Ukrainian - overboil Pronunciation
v. розварювати
English - Dutch - overboil Pronunciation
ww. overkoken
English - Korean - overboil Pronunciation
동. 지나치게 대담하다

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Verb forms for overboil
Present participle: overboiling
Present: overboil (3.person: overboils)
Past: overboiled
Future: will overboil
Present conditional: would overboil
Present Perfect: have overboiled (3.person: has overboiled)
Past Perfect: had overboiled
Future Perfect: will have overboiled
Past conditional: would have overboiled