Definition of overbold Pronunciation
1. Too bold; impertinent or overreaching.
I hope it wasn't overbold of me to finish writing your letter for you.
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English - English - overbold Pronunciation
adj. too forward, too brash
English - Spanish - overbold Pronunciation
adj. Demasiado atrevido; temerario; descarado
English - French - overbold Pronunciation
adj. trop effronté
English - German - overbold Pronunciation
adj. verwegen
English - Indonesian - overbold Pronunciation
a. gagah: terlalu gagah, berani: terlalu berani, tergopoh-gopoh: yg bertindak tergopoh-gopoh
English - Italian - overbold Pronunciation
agg. sfacciato, impudente, insolente
English - Portuguese - overbold Pronunciation
adj. excessivamente audacioso
English - Romanian - overbold Pronunciation
a. îndrăzneţ: prea îndrăzneţ, obraznic: prea obraznic
English - Russian - overbold Pronunciation
прил. слишком смелый, дерзкий, опрометчивый
English - Turkish - overbold Pronunciation
s. gözükara, aşırı cesur
English - Ukrainian - overbold Pronunciation
a. сміливий: надмірно сміливий, зухвалий: надмірно зухвалий, необачний
English - Dutch - overbold Pronunciation
bn. vrijmoedig : al te vrijmoedig
English - Greek - overbold Pronunciation
(Lex**) παράτολμος
English - Arabic - overbold Pronunciation
‏وقح، صفيق‏
English - Chinese - overbold Pronunciation
(形) 过于胆大的; 鲁莽的
English - Chinese - overbold Pronunciation
(形) 過於膽大的; 魯莽的
English - Japanese - overbold Pronunciation
(形) 大胆すぎる; 鉄面皮の
English - Korean - overbold Pronunciation
형. 지나치게 대담한

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