Definition of overcautious Pronunciation
1. Unnecessarily cautious.
Sometimes it doesn't pay to be overcautious in business.
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English - English - overcautious Pronunciation
adj. excessively cautious, too careful
English - Spanish - overcautious Pronunciation
adj. excesivamente cauteloso
English - French - overcautious Pronunciation
adj. exagérément prudent
English - German - overcautious Pronunciation
adj. übervorsichtig; zu vorsichtig
English - Italian - overcautious Pronunciation
agg. troppo cauto, eccessivamente prudente
English - Portuguese - overcautious Pronunciation
adj. cuidadoso de forma exagerada; cuidadoso demais
English - Ukrainian - overcautious Pronunciation
a. обережний: надто обережний, обачний: надто обачний
English - Greek - overcautious Pronunciation
(Lex**) υπερεπιφυλακτικός
English - Chinese - overcautious Pronunciation
(形) 过于谨慎的
English - Chinese - overcautious Pronunciation
(形) 過於謹慎的
English - Japanese - overcautious Pronunciation
(形) 用心しすぎる
English - Korean - overcautious Pronunciation
형. 지나치게 주의하는, 지나치게 신중한

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