Definition of overprotect Pronunciation
1. Care for like a mother.
2. Protect excessively.
Don't overprotect your son--he is an adult now!.
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English - English - overprotect Pronunciation
v. protect too much; be overly defensive
English - Spanish - overprotect Pronunciation
v. sobreproteger a alguien o a algo
English - French - overprotect Pronunciation
v. surprotéger; protéger de façon excessive
English - German - overprotect Pronunciation
v. überfürsorglich sein
English - Italian - overprotect Pronunciation
v. superproteggere, proteggere al di sopra della misura
English - Portuguese - overprotect Pronunciation
v. proteger demais
English - Turkish - overprotect Pronunciation
f. -i gereğinden fazla korumak.
English - Greek - overprotect Pronunciation
(Lex**) υπερπροστατεύστε
English - Arabic - overprotect Pronunciation
‏إفراط في الإهتمام‏
‏رعى بإهتمام‏
English - Chinese - overprotect Pronunciation
v. 过分地保护 (guo4 fen1 dı4 bao3 hu4)
English - Chinese - overprotect Pronunciation
v. 過分地保護 (guo4 fen1 dı4 bao3 hu4)
English - Japanese - overprotect Pronunciation
(動) 過保護にする
English - Korean - overprotect Pronunciation
동. 과잉보호하다; 과잉 방어하다

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Verb forms for overprotect
Present participle: overprotecting
Present: overprotect (3.person: overprotects)
Past: overprotected
Future: will overprotect
Present conditional: would overprotect
Present Perfect: have overprotected (3.person: has overprotected)
Past Perfect: had overprotected
Future Perfect: will have overprotected
Past conditional: would have overprotected