Definition of own Pronunciation
1. To have rightful possession of (property, goods or capital); "To possess by right; to have the right of property in; to have the legal right or rightful title to." (Ref 1)
I own this car.
2. To have recognized political sovereignty over a place, territory, as distinct from the ordinary connotation of property ownership.
The United States owns Point Roberts by the terms of the Treaty of Oregon.
3. To admit, concede, grant, allow, acknowledge, confess; not to deny.
4. To claim as one's own; to answer to.
5. To acknowledge or admit the possession or ownership of. (Ref 3)
6. To defeat or embarrass; to overwhelm.
I will own my enemies.
If he wins, he will own you.
7. To virtually or figuratively enslave.
8. To defeat, dominate, or be above, also spelled pwn.
9. To illicitly obtain "super-user" or "root" access into a computer system thereby having access to all of the user files on that system; pwn.
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English - English - own Pronunciation
v. be in possession of; belong to; confess
adj. belonging to oneself or itself (mine, yours, his, etc.); self, by oneself
English - Spanish - own Pronunciation
v. poseer, hacer propio, ser dueño de, tener
adj. propio, personal
English - French - own Pronunciation
v. posséder; être en possession de; être propriétaire; appartenir; avouer, admettre, reconnaître
adj. propre (à soi), qui lui appartient; le sien, le mien, le tien (etc...);
English - German - own Pronunciation
v. eigen; gehört
adj. mein; meine; eigen
English - Indonesian - own Pronunciation
v. memiliki, punya, mempunyai, mengakui
a. kepunyaan sendiri, sendiri
English - Italian - own Pronunciation
v. avere, possedere; appartenere a; riconoscere, ammettere
agg. proprio, propria; personale
English - Polish - own Pronunciation
v. posiadać, uznać, wyznać, posiąść, uznawać, wyznawać
a. własny, rodzony
English - Portuguese - own Pronunciation
v. particular; ser dono; pertencer a
adj. meu (seu, dele), para mim
English - Romanian - own Pronunciation
n. aparţine: ceea ce aparţine cuiva, rude
v. poseda, avea, stăpâni, recunoaşte, recunoaşte: se recunoaşte, ţine
a. propriu, personal, scump, iubit
English - Russian - own Pronunciation
г. иметь, владеть, обладать, признавать, признаваться
прил. свой собственный, собственный, родной, любимый, оригинальный
English - Turkish - own Pronunciation
f. sahip olmak, kabullenmek, itiraf etmek, kabul etmek, tanımak, teslim etmek
zm. kendi
s. öz, kendisinin
English - Ukrainian - own Pronunciation
n. власність, річ, належність
v. володіти, мати, визнавати своїм, допускати, визнавати
a. свій, власний, належний комусь, рідний, любий, дорогий
English - Dutch - own Pronunciation
zn. eigendom, eigen familie
bn. eigen, bloedeigen
ww. bezitten, hebben, nahouden : erop nahouden, erkennen, toegeven, rijk zijn
English - Greek - own Pronunciation
αντων. ίδιος, ιδικός μου
ρήμ. έχω, εξουσιάζω, κατέχω, ομολογώ
English - Arabic - own Pronunciation
‏ملك، قدم إعترافات، إعترف‏
‏مقر، عربته، خاصته‏
English - Chinese - own Pronunciation
(动) 拥有, 承认, 自认; 承认
(形) 自己的, 嫡亲的, 特有的
English - Chinese - own Pronunciation
(動) 擁有, 承認, 自認; 承認
(形) 自己的, 嫡親的, 特有的
English - Hindi - own Pronunciation
v. स्वामी होना, स्वीकार करना
a. स्वगत, आत्म
English - Japanese - own Pronunciation
(形) 自分自身の; 特有の; 自身の
(動) 所有する; 認める; 白状する
English - Korean - own Pronunciation
동. 소유하다; 속하다; 인정하다
형. 자기 자신의; 자기 스스로 하는, 직접의
English - Vietnamese - own Pronunciation
v. làm chủ, nhận, nhìn nhận, thú nhận, thú thật, có, làm việc gì một mình
a. làm chủ

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Synonyms for own
1. admit: acknowledge, grant, assent to, allow, declare, avow, concede
2. possess: have, enjoy, hold, control, dominate, boast, reserve
3. personal: mine, individual, owned
Verb forms for own
Present participle: owning
Present: own (3.person: owns)
Past: owned
Future: will own
Present conditional: would own
Present Perfect: have owned (3.person: has owned)
Past Perfect: had owned
Future Perfect: will have owned
Past conditional: would have owned