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English English - Definition of paced 
adj. having a particular pace (e.g. "fast-paced"); measured by steps; running at a set pace
v. pasture, graze; run; browse; gnaw
Spanish English To Spanish - paced 
adj. andado
French English To French - paced 
adj. marché à pas mesurés, entraîné
German English To German - paced 
[pace] v. wandern, schreiten
adj. im Paßgang gehend; einherschreitend
Italian English To Italian - paced 
agg. a passo misurato
Portuguese English To Portuguese - paced 
adj. medida dos passos
Russian English To Russian - paced 
[pace] г. шагать, расхаживать, измерять шагами; идти иноходью; вести, задавать темп
English Spanish To English - paced 
[pacer] v. pasture, graze; run; browse; gnaw
Greek English To Greek - paced 
[pace] ρήμ. βηματίζω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - paced 
(形) 步调的; 步伐的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - paced 
(形) 步調的; 步伐的
Japanese English To Japanese - paced 
(形) 足の; リズムの整った; 歩測の
(動) ゆっくり歩く; 歩いて測る; 適当な速度を示す
Korean English To Korean - paced 
[pace] 동. 규칙적으로 걷다, 보조를 맞추어 걷다; 속도를 조정하다; 앞뒤로 걷다(특히 불안한 생각에 잠겼을 때); 걸음걸이로 지역을 재다


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