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English English - Definition of palais 
n. (from French) government or municipal building; public dancing hall (British)
n. palace, castle, mansion
n. Palais, city in France
French English To French - palais 
n. palais
Portuguese English To Portuguese - palais 
s. (do Francês) prefeitura; salão de baile (Britânico)
Russian English To Russian - palais 
с. дансинг
English French To English - palais 
n. Palais, city in France
English German To English - palais 
n. (from French) government or municipal building; public dancing hall (British)
Greek English To Greek - palais 
αρχοντικό (το), ουρανίσκος (ο), παλάτι (το)
Dutch French To Dutch - palais 
1. (général) paleis (n)
2. (anatomie) gehemelte (n); verhemelte (n)
Dutch German To Dutch - palais 
Japanese English To Japanese - palais 
(名) (フランス語から)政府または自治体の建物; 公衆のダンスホール(英国)
Korean English To Korean - palais 
궁전(宮殿)는 왕이나 왕족이 일을 보고 생활하던 건축물을 말한다. 궁궐(宮闕), 궁실, 대궐, 어궐 등의 이름으로 불리기도 한다.
German French To German - palais 
n. pfalz, palast, wohlgeschmack, gaumen, palais, schloss, königshaus
Italian French To Italian - palais 
1. (général) palazzo (m)
2. (anatomie) palato (m)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - palais 
1. (général) palácio (m)
2. (anatomie) palato (m); céu da boca
Russian French To Russian - palais 
n. дворец (m), официальный: официальная резиденция (m), небо (анат.) (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - palais 
1. (général) palacio (m)
2. (anatomie) paladar (m)
Turkish French To Turkish - palais 
[le] saray; adliye dairesi; damak
ChineseS German To ChineseS - palais 
French German To French - palais 
n. palais (m)
Italian German To Italian - palais 
n. castello (m), palazzo (m)
Russian German To Russian - palais 
n. дворец (n)
Spanish German To Spanish - palais 
n. palacio (m), palacete (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - palais 
saray, adliye dairesi, damak


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