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English English - Definition of paleontologist 
n. geologist who researches geological periods through the study of fossils
Spanish English To Spanish - paleontologist 
s. Paleontólogo (geólogo que se especializa en el estudio de los fósiles)
French English To French - paleontologist 
n. paléontologue, spécialiste de la paléontologie (étude des périodes géologiques fondée sur l'étude des fossiles)
German English To German - paleontologist 
n. Wissenschaftler von den fossilen, d.h. versteinerten Tier- und Pflanzenresten)
Italian English To Italian - paleontologist 
s. paleontologo (geologo specialista nello studio di fossili)
Portuguese English To Portuguese - paleontologist 
s. paleontólogo (geólogo especializado no estudo dos fósseis)
Russian English To Russian - paleontologist 
с. палеонтолог
Turkish English To Turkish - paleontologist 
i. paleontolog, taşılbilimci
Albanian English To Albanian - paleontologist 
n. paleontologjist
Dutch English To Dutch - paleontologist 
zn. palaeontoloog
Greek English To Greek - paleontologist 
ουσ. παλαιοντολόγος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - paleontologist 
(名) 古生物学者
ChineseT English To ChineseT - paleontologist 
(名) 古生物學者
Japanese English To Japanese - paleontologist 
(名) 古生物学者
Korean English To Korean - paleontologist 
명. 고생물학자
noun: a specialist in paleontology.


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