Definition of pall Pronunciation
1. Fine cloth, especially purple cloth used for robes.
2. A cloth used for various purposes on the altar in a church.
3. A piece of cardboard, covered with linen and embroidered on one side, used to cover the chalice.
4. A pallium (woollen vestment in Roman Catholicism).
5. A figure resembling the Roman Catholic pallium, or pall, and having the form of the letter Y.
6. A heavy canvas, especially one laid over a coffin or tomb.
7. An outer garment; a cloak or mantle.
8. Nausea
9. A feeling of gloom.
A pall came over the crowd when the fourth goal was scored.
The early election results cast a pall over what was supposed to be a celebration.
10. To cloak.
Lady Macbeth: Come, thick night, And pall thee in the dunnest smoke of hell (Macbeth Act I Scene v lines 48–9).
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English - English - pall Pronunciation
n. coffin, casket; piece of cloth used to cover a coffin; covering that produces a dark or gloomy effect, shroud
v. tire, make weary; bore, cause ennui
English - Spanish - pall Pronunciation
s. paño mortuorio, cobertor del féretro, palia, palio de arzobispo
v. aburrir
English - French - pall Pronunciation
n. cercueil; linceul, drap mortuaire; pallium
v. se lasser de; s'ennuyer de; perdre son attrait
English - German - pall Pronunciation
n. Sarg (tuch); Schleier; Hülle
v. jeden Reiz verlieren, langweilen; übersättigen, anwidern
English - Italian - pall Pronunciation
s. coltre, drappo funebre; (fig) manto; (Lit) pallio; palla; (Arald) pergola
v. diventare stucchevole; stancare
English - Portuguese - pall Pronunciation
s. caixão; mortalha; pálio
v. cansar; desanimar; fartar, saciar; desvirtuar; evaporar-se
English - Russian - pall Pronunciation
с. покров, завеса, пелена; мантия, облачение
г. покрывать, окутывать покровом, затемнять; надоедать, насыщать, пресыщать, пресыщаться, приедаться
English - Turkish - pall Pronunciation
f. bıktırmak, usandırmak, yavanlaşmak, kabak tadı vermek
i. tabut örtüsü, cenaze şalı, kolsuz manto, kasvetli örtü, kapalı hava
English - Dutch - pall Pronunciation
zn. pallium, sluier, lijkkleed
ww. verzadigen, walgen : doen walgen
English - Greek - pall Pronunciation
ουσ. σάβανο
ρήμ. σαβανώνω, ανοσταίνω, ξεθυμαίνω, κουράζω
German - Turkish - pall Pronunciation
tabut örtüsü, (içinde ölü olan) tabut, kasvet veren örtü, perde, usandirmak, biktirmak, yavanlasmak, sikmak
German - Dutch - pall Pronunciation
pal ,palletje
English - Chinese - pall Pronunciation
(名) 棺罩; 遮盖物, 幕; 柩衣; 罩布
(动) 给...盖上棺罩; 覆盖; 变得乏味; 感到腻烦; 失去吸引力; 厌倦; 使腻烦, 使厌倦
English - Chinese - pall Pronunciation
(名) 棺罩; 遮蓋物, 幕; 柩衣; 罩布
(動) 給...蓋上棺罩; 覆蓋; 變得乏味; 感到膩煩; 失去吸引力; 厭倦; 使膩煩, 使厭倦
English - Japanese - pall Pronunciation
(動) 退屈する, 飽きる; 疲れる;
(名) 棺覆い; 棺; 幕
English - Korean - pall Pronunciation
명. 관 덮는 보, 막, 음침한 막
동. 물리다, 싫증이 나게 하다

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Synonyms for pall
1. coffin cover: cover, cloth, cloak, covering
2. gloom: oppression, shadow, melancholy, darkness, sadness
3. satiate: glut, weary, surfeit, cloy, jade, sate, fill
Verb forms for pall
Present participle: palling
Present: pall (3.person: palls)
Past: palled
Future: will pall
Present conditional: would pall
Present Perfect: have palled (3.person: has palled)
Past Perfect: had palled
Future Perfect: will have palled
Past conditional: would have palled