n. feeling, touching; examination by touching, examination by feeling
n. palpation, feeling, touching
English - Spanish - palpation Pronunciation
s. Palpación, palpadura (del palpamiento); de la acción de palpar, de la acción de tocar; chequear
English - French - palpation Pronunciation
n. palpation, examen qui consiste à palper les parties du corps; toucher
English - German - palpation Pronunciation
n. Abtasten; Untersuchung
English - Italian - palpation Pronunciation
s. palpazione
English - Portuguese - palpation Pronunciation
s. palpação; exame
English - Russian - palpation Pronunciation
с. ощупывание, пальпация
English - Turkish - palpation Pronunciation
i. dokunma, elle muayene
French - English - palpation Pronunciation
(f) n. palpation, feeling, touching
English - Albanian - palpation Pronunciation
n. prekje [mjek.]
English - Dutch - palpation Pronunciation
zn. betasten : het betasten
English - Greek - palpation Pronunciation
(Lex**) ψηλάφιση
German - Spanish - palpation Pronunciation
n. palpación (f)
French - German - palpation Pronunciation
n. tasten
French - Russian - palpation Pronunciation
n. ощупывание (f), пальпация (мед.) (f)
French - Turkish - palpation Pronunciation
[la] elle yoklama
German - Italian - palpation Pronunciation
n. palpazione (f)
English - Chinese - palpation Pronunciation
n. 触诊 (chu4 zhen3)
English - Chinese - palpation Pronunciation
n. 觸診 (chu4 zhen3)
English - Japanese - palpation Pronunciation
(名) 触接; 触診; 触感
English - Korean - palpation Pronunciation
명. 만져봄, 촉진
noun: a method of examination in which the examiner feels the size or shape or firmness or location of something (of body parts when the examiner is a health professional).

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