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English English - Definition of pampered 
adj. spoiled, overindulged, coddled
Spanish English To Spanish - pampered 
adj. consentido, mimado
French English To French - pampered 
adj. choyé; dorloté; gâté
German English To German - pampered 
[pamper] v. verwöhnen; verhätscheln
adj. verwöhnt; verhätschelt
Italian English To Italian - pampered 
agg. viziato
Portuguese English To Portuguese - pampered 
adj. mimado
Russian English To Russian - pampered 
[pamper] г. баловать, изнеживать
Turkish English To Turkish - pampered 
[pamper] f. şımartmak, bir dediğini iki etmemek, yüz vermek
Greek English To Greek - pampered 
επίθ. χαϊδεμένος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - pampered 
(形) 饮食过量的; 饮食奢侈的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - pampered 
(形) 飲食過量的; 飲食奢侈的
Japanese English To Japanese - pampered 
(形) 甘やかした, 過保護な
(動) 甘やかす
Korean English To Korean - pampered 
형. 지나치게 아껴진, 지나치게 소중히 된
adjective: treated with excessive indulgence Example:Pampered from earliest childhood, he believed the world had been invented for his entertainment.


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