Definition of panpipe Pronunciation
1. A set of panpipes
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English - English - panpipe Pronunciation
n. reed pipe, type of wind instrument made from wooden pipes of different lengths
English - Spanish - panpipe Pronunciation
s. caramillo, zampoña
English - French - panpipe Pronunciation
n. flûte de Pan
English - German - panpipe Pronunciation
n. Panflöte
English - Italian - panpipe Pronunciation
s. flauto; flauto di canna
English - Portuguese - panpipe Pronunciation
s. flauta de bambu
English - Romanian - panpipe Pronunciation
n. nai
English - Russian - panpipe Pronunciation
с. свирель, флейта Пана
English - Turkish - panpipe Pronunciation
pan kavali
English - Ukrainian - panpipe Pronunciation
n. сопілка
English - Dutch - panpipe Pronunciation
zn. panfluit
English - Chinese - panpipe Pronunciation
(名) 牧羊神的笛子; 排笛
English - Chinese - panpipe Pronunciation
(名) 牧羊神的笛子; 排笛
English - Hindi - panpipe Pronunciation
n. मुंह से बजाने का एक प्रकार का बाजा, बाँसुरी, मुरली
English - Japanese - panpipe Pronunciation
(名) パンパイプ
English - Korean - panpipe Pronunciation
명. 팬파이프

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