Definition of pantheism Pronunciation
1. The belief that the Universe is in some sense divine and should be revered. Pantheism identifies the universe with God but denies any personality or transcendence of such a God.
2. The belief in all gods; omnitheism.
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English - English - pantheism Pronunciation
n. philosophical doctrine that recognizes the divine in nature, doctrine that views the universe as a reflection of God
English - Spanish - pantheism Pronunciation
s. panteísmo
English - French - pantheism Pronunciation
n. panthéisme, philosophie assimilant Dieu à la nature, vision du monde en tant que reflet de la divinité
English - German - pantheism Pronunciation
n. Pantheismus (philosophische Sichtweise, die Gott mit der Natur identifiziert; Sehen der Welt als Wiederspiegelung der Göttlichkeit)
English - Italian - pantheism Pronunciation
s. (Filos, Rel) panteismo
English - Portuguese - pantheism Pronunciation
s. panteísmo (concepção filosófica que identifica Deus com a natureza, sistema dos que acreditam que a totalidade do universo é Deus)
English - Russian - pantheism Pronunciation
с. пантеизм
English - Turkish - pantheism Pronunciation
i. panteizm, bütün varlıkların tanrı olduğu görüşü
English - Dutch - pantheism Pronunciation
zn. panteïsme
English - Greek - pantheism Pronunciation
ουσ. πανθεϊσμός
English - Chinese - pantheism Pronunciation
(名) 泛神论
English - Chinese - pantheism Pronunciation
(名) 泛神論
English - Japanese - pantheism Pronunciation
(名) 汎神論; 自然崇拝; 多神教
English - Korean - pantheism Pronunciation
명. 만유신론

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