Definition of pantoffle Pronunciation
1. An ancient overshoe.
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English - English - pantoffle Pronunciation
n. slipper, house shoe; low shoe which can be easily slipped on or off
English - Spanish - pantoffle Pronunciation
s. pantufla, chinela, calzado para el hogar; calzado bajo fácil de poner y sacar
English - French - pantoffle Pronunciation
n. pantoufle, chausson, chaussure légère, sans talon, que l'on porte dans la maison; mule
English - Italian - pantoffle Pronunciation
s. pantofola, ciabatta
English - Portuguese - pantoffle Pronunciation
s. chinelo, pantufa
English - Turkish - pantoffle Pronunciation
English - Japanese - pantoffle Pronunciation
(名) スリッパ; 履いたりぬいだりが簡単にできる低い靴

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