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English English - Definition of pantomimist 
n. one who performs mime, one who gives silent theatrical performances in which ideas are expressed through movement and gestures
Spanish English To Spanish - pantomimist 
s. mimo, quien hace pantomima
French English To French - pantomimist 
n. pantomime, acteur de mime, personne qui joue un rôle en s'exprimant par les geste, le mime ou tout autre mouvement du corps sans utiliser la parole
German English To German - pantomimist 
n. Schauspieler der Pantomime; Pantomime
Italian English To Italian - pantomimist 
s. pantomimo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - pantomimist 
s. pantomimeiro; que faz pantomima
Russian English To Russian - pantomimist 
Dutch English To Dutch - pantomimist 
zn. gebarenspeler, mimespeler
Greek English To Greek - pantomimist 
ουσ. παντομίμος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - pantomimist 
(名) 哑剧演员
ChineseT English To ChineseT - pantomimist 
(名) 啞劇演員
Japanese English To Japanese - pantomimist 
(名) パントマイム役者
Korean English To Korean - pantomimist 
명. 판토마임을 하는 사람, 대사 없이 동작이나 몸짓만으로 생각을 표현하는 무언극을 하는 사람


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